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See You Next Tuesday: Exploring Consciousness, Eating Cronuts & More

Welcome to this weeks installment of See You Next Tuesday where the Lazy Oaf team fill you in on the things that have caught our eye or got us talking in the office over the past 7 days.

This week we have been getting enlightened with Graham Hancock, eating a glorious hybrid pastry and getting to know the team at Liberty.

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1. INTERNET SENSATIONS: Getting enlightened ‘n that. Graham Hancock is a British writer and Journalist who focuses on the less ‘mainstream’ and conventional theories in modern society. These span across a host of topics involving ancient civilzations, altered states of consciousness and ancient myths. Pretty far out stuff, but well worth the read if you’re open minded enough. Earlier this year Graham delivered a TED Talk which looked at the war on consciousness, in particular discussing his own experiences with Ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew. The talk itself ruffled some feathers and was banned by TED but thanks to the marvels of the internet you can still watch the full talk, on YouTube here.

2. FOOD FAVOURITES: Cronuts! As the name may suggest a Cronut is a combination of a donut and a croissant which results in one of the most mouth watering pastries we’ve seen in a long time. Originating from the USA (obvz), these packets of pastry delight arrived on UK soil this summer with a variety of London based bakers giving their own take on them. Rinkoff Bakery claim to be the first to introduce the tasty treat to the UK and with generously sized servings they may well be your best bet for a first try. You’ll find the ‘Crodough’ version at Rinkoff Bakery 224 Jubilee Street, E1 3BS and 79 Vallance Road, E1 5BS.

2. WINDOW SHOPPING: Totes Burgeriffic. You may have never guessed but we love a good burger here at the Oaf HQ. Another thing we’re a huge fan of is illustration, and we’re also pretty keen on a trusty tote. Lucky for us then that London based illustrator Lewis Stringer knows how to combine all three. Available via his online store, you can pick up your very own Burger Tote for £15.

4. MEDIA MATTERS: Liberty of London. The latest in the reality TV series franchise see’s Channel 4 give us a fly on the wall look at London’s famous Liberty store. Introducing us to a range of characters and daily situations at the department store this is a reality TV series that actually seems to work. There’s already been a couple of episodes but you can catch up with them over at 4OD here. Next episode will be on your TV sets on channel 4 Monday 9pm.



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