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Virtual Reality with #CHARLIZABETHKUCHTA

Queens of Instagram & Tumblr  Elizabeth Jane Bishop, Charlie Barker and Joanna Kuchta know a thing or two about style slaying. So on a recent trip to our Carnaby Street store we insisted on picking the “mom’s” brains on all things webby! We could eat glitter and talk emoj-ional all day, but we figured this is an exclusive chance for us uber fans to get personal, and discuss the reality of cyber fame. Read on and get under the mesh top skin of your favourite angels. LIFE GOALS !

So tell us how you each got hooked on blogging?

J: When I was young I did a bit of modeling, really low key. Then I got my iphone for my birthday and everything changed.
E: I think I just randomly joined Tumblr in like year ten or eleven. I wouldn’t necessarily call it blogging, I’d say we’re online creatives.
C: Beth was the Tumblr famous one, I was more Facebook. This is my roots, this is how I grew up!
E: Yeah because we grew up in an age of social media, our online generation has different backgrounds. We talk about social platforms like they’re actual places!

Can you pinpoint a particular post or image that switched things overnight?

C: Yeah that tends to happen, something goes viral. Mine was just me with really bad hair. Joanna’s was her crappy boyfriend haha!
J:  Ha ! Okay so this is what actually happened. I took a picture of my boyfriend holding me, I was taking a mirror pic of my outfit, he walked in like “I’m so bored, stop taking pictures” and then he lifted me up. It went viral and everyone’s like “Goals! Relationship goals!”. People got really really obsessed with us as a couple.
E: The first pic I ever saw of you Charlie was you just cross-legged eating sushi!
C: Ha! Yep that’s my life.

Its funny how we all cringe at our early uploads. Do you think it’s strange how our generation’s youth is forever documented online …

E: I like it! It’s like a photo album, as long as you can laugh at yourself its not embarrassing.
J: And it tracks your progress! Obviously we’re cuter now, it’s like a visual diary,  like “OMG its getting better !” ha ha.

How spontaneous are your posts? Do you feel pressure like “My fans expect a selfie, its been a whole week!”…

J: Yeah haha! Like wake up thinking “ooh I look hella cute today” Its time.
E: Normally what’s important is getting fresh new pictures. I hate it when people just reshare the same stuff. Take pride in what you post! Don’t be vile.
C: You’ve gotta work at it like you’re getting paid.

So how did the 3 of you come together? Through the real world or cyberspace ?

C: Through Twitter! I followed Jo when she had like three thousand followers, and she didn’t even realise for a few weeks.
J: It was so funny, the first time I saw Charlie I’m like “Who the hell is this person”
C: Later that year Joanna was going to Cornwall and had to pass through my hometown Birmingham, and I’m Beth is only an hour away, the three of us had to meet !
J: It was like we were friends already.
E: At my school nobody had common interests, but online immediately you just know who gets you. The internet gives you opportunity to choose.
J: You get a head start, you don’t have to wait to escape your local town to find people who share your fashion sense.

Do people take more interest in you as a group of friends hanging out or as individuals ?

E: Yeah they get excited when we post images together, its hilarious, we have our own hashtag! #CHARLIZABETHKUCHTA!
J: Someone else made it! They just post all our selfies on one fanpage.
C: Friendship goals!

Does online comment ever affect your real perception of yourself?

C: *Puts on American accent* I think if I look good, then I look fucking good!
E: People are just more open online, they applaud you rather than ridicule you for being different.
C: I was just always the weird one, I used to get so much hate on facebook, y’know from all the basics. But Instagram followers aren’t basics, Facebook they’re still like “Eurgh you’re disgusting, you’re ugly, kill yourself”.

Which platform do you think is the harshest?

C: Twitter ! There’s so many different sides to it, when something starts to get a bit of attention it goes through all the different cultures, all the different ages, and obviously some of them aren’t going to like it. When it gets to the wrong side of Twitter people are like “why the fuck is this on my newsfeed! ”.
E: Its really cultish.
C: Its love hate though, its fun.

Do you ever reply to the haters?

E: Nah, not worth the time.
C: Sometimes, ‘cos it gets loads of favourites. If its funny its like “Yas queen slay!”

What’s your favourite image you’ve posted up recently?

J: Well I’ve just moved to Dublin and my new home doesn’t have any good light, so not my recent ones. Probably one of me wearing cat ears on a photoshopped fur blanket. A fan did it for me!
C: Yeah we have people who re-edit our photos!
E: Yeah they collage. I’m so flattered, I think it’s so cute. Oh my god wait though, there was one where they cut my face out and put it on Charlie’s nipples!
C : Ha ! I was like “sad face question mark !?”. I just like ones where my face isn’t in it! Its not like a thing, I just like to break up my feed. You can’t have a row of selfies, puke!

Can you describe your personal style?

E: Simplistic not basic.
C: Chaotic! My slogan I guess is cute but psycho.
J: Too cute to care! I dunno, whatever.

Is there a particular item in our store you just need this winter?

C: My favourite thing to get is socks ! I’m obsessed.
J: Phone cases!
E: I need that Blackintosh Mac Jacket! I need it I need it!
C: Ooh yeah and my Oafski jacket, love.

Gurl you better hope it rains! So where do you get your style inspiration from?

E: I’m more inspired by people I see on the street, I’ll pass someone and think that looks sick, but try put my own twist on it.
C: The Spice Girls, and TLC!
J: Hmm I can’t pinpoint a particular person, I don’t know anyone who’s style is so on point that I’d call them my inspiration.

What is your opinion of fashion these days, do you think us girls are getting a bad rep?

E: I think we’re all just more confident, its like power to the girls ! Like if a girl wants to wear bright colours or a mesh top with no bra, they can. Free the nipple !
C: Sometimes it has to get really weird for someone to pick it up and refine it!
E: Yeah there’s something in the water! Things are changing I can feel it.

Do you ever get recognized in real life?

C: The only friends I’ve made so far at uni have been followers. I’m like “Hey im Charlie Barker, lets be friends!”
E: Its kind of hard to trust people, you don’t know if they just want to latch onto your followers.
C: But if I genuinely like someone’s personality whether they’re using me or not, I’ll still be friends.
E: I don’t like to think about it ! Luckily all my mates at uni don’t care about Instagram or anything, its really refreshing.

Whats next on your London tour ?

J: I cant wait to explore, its my first time here!
B: We just want to walk around and see cute things…

So like, can you stay forever!?

E: Sure, we have claimed this bench !


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Photography : Ellie Smith
Photography Assistant : Maeve Molloy
Elizabeth Bishop at Elite London Special Bookings
Charlie Barker at Select Models Special Bookings.


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