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The Oafesto on Ethics and Responsibility
The Oafesto on Ethics and Responsibility
The Oafesto on Ethics and Responsibility
The Oafesto on Ethics and Responsibility

Here at Lazy Oaf we aim to create happy and responsible product. This means that every part of our creative process - from concept and development, to factory floor and product launch – aims to minimise its negative impact, from the environment right through to the customer. This is a work in progress for us right now and we are on a journey to get better and improve all of the time. 

As a company Lazy Oaf is committed to becoming a more sustainable and responsible business wherever possible. We care deeply about the impact we have and want you to know that we are taking steps to improve every day. In an ideal world there would only be positive impacts from business activity, but as we all now know the fashion industry as a whole is responsible for a great deal of harm. The good news is that in this respect there is a great deal that Lazy Oaf gets right and has done intuitively from the start, however there are always new areas for us to improve and change for the better.


Ethics & Supply Chain - The social welfare of everyone involved in producing Lazy Oaf. 
Sustainability and Environmental Impact - minimising our impact on the planet. 
Animal Friendly - Limiting our harm to animals. 
Mental Wellbeing & Giving Back - Supporting staff and causes we care about.
Our Community - Nurturing and working collaboratively with our community. 

We understand that you, our customers, would appreciate greater transparency from us and we are more than happy to provide it. Listed below are our current commitments, some we have initiated from day one and some more recently implemented. For a multi-product, growing business, developing such initiatives is a constant and complex process - we are researching and educating ourselves at every opportunity and are reaching out to relevant organisations to aid, advise and support us on this journey.

These partners will help us to measure our impact, define new goals and create strategies to help us meet them. This ongoing work is something we want to spend time getting right rather than making unrealistic promises of perfection. As we get further along with this work we will update this section of the website to let you know how we are doing so please check back. 


We care about the social welfare and working environment of every individual involved in bringing our designs to life. Working with teams across factories in USA, China, Portugal, Turkey and UK, we support and nurture all staff involved in our supply chain.

We have a strict policy of ethical standards that each of our production partners must meet, the basic requirements are outlined below, and we work collaboratively with each factory to build on and exceed these.  

  • Pay at least statutory minimum wage according to local law and workers’ wages to be set accordingly in line with skill and experience.

  • All employees are paid regularly, on time and with no unfair deductions.

  • All employees to be paid for legally entitled annual leave/ sick leave and maternity/ parental leave.

  • Employee contracts with terms and conditions set according to local law. Forced and bonded labour of any kind is not acceptable.

  • Minimum working age of 16 years old.

  • Working hours that do not exceed the legal limit and in any case, compulsory working not to exceed 48 hours per week.

  • Overtime must be voluntary, be paid at a rate in line with the local law and must not exceed 12 hours per week.

We focus on building and nurturing long-term relationships with our suppliers and require regular audits and bi-weekly check-ins to ensure this policy is being met and that we are supporting them in making constant improvements.



We aim to limit any harm towards animals as much as possible and support animal welfare wherever we can.

  • We DO NOT use animal fur, mohair, angora, cashmere, racoon or down feathers in any of our product.

  • Launched our first fully vegan shoe in 2019 with Dr. Martens.

  • Offer vegan-friendly food at all Lazy Oaf events.



Reducing plastic use, minimising our impact on the planet and creating more sustainable product are a big focus for us and we’re starting to take the relevant steps to get better every day.

  • Send out orders to online customers in compostable outbound packaging made from sugar cane.

  • Product packaging is recyclable or compostable.

  • All product swing tickets are recyclable.

  • Prioritise shipping production by the sea or road rather than by air to reduce  environmental impact.

  • Launching an eco-friendly swimwear line in 2020 that will be produced using majority recycled materials.

  • Moving our focus towards using more sustainable fabrics, up-cycling fabric trims, minimise wastage and an overall more responsible approach to sourcing fabrics. 

  • Initiated a recycling scheme for our studio waste working with First Mile.

  • Studio and stores have water fountains to help reduce the use of plastics.

  • Any product that is not suitable to be sold or donated will be recycled and will not end up in landfill.

  • Repurpose samples by selling them in biannual customer samples sales.

  • Hosting our first free Lazy Oaf Clothes Swapping event for customers in Winter 2019, watch this space.



The mental wellbeing of our staff and customers is a big priority for us and we continue to donate our time and profits to causes we’re passionate about.

  • Launched a non-profit collaboration collection and creative workshops with mental health awareness campaign Time to Change run by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, who are dedicated to de-stigmatising mental health. Raised £20,000+ in donations, collaborated with inspiring ambassadors from the mental health awareness community and plan to repeat this project again in 2020.

  • Run free and optional meditation and mindfulness sessions for studio staff on a weekly basis. 

  • Donate all money from studio sample sales to local mental health youth charity Young Minds.



Community is at the heart of Lazy Oaf whether we’re giving back to our local community through various projects, building our ever growing network of global creative contributors or encouraging a community spirit for staff in our studio and retail spaces.

  • Seek out to grow and nurture our own creative community, working and championing international creative talent across a multitude of projects.

  • Run workshops and collaborations with businesses that invest and give back to local communities.

  • Host free and friendly events for our community already working across London, Brighton, Barcelona, Tokyo, New York & Sydney.

  • Actively encourage our team to input ideas and give their feedback on the way we work whether it’s through regular, anonymous surveys or all team meetings and meetings.

Lazy Oaf is still a small business and we have faced many highs and challenges along the way. We do all of this with guts, drive, passion, determination, sometimes the right decisions, sometimes dumb mistakes and failing epically but getting back up after every fall has driven us forward and grown our need to succeed, and do better next time. Lazy Oaf has always had a resilience and determination to carry on regardless and we take this very same approach to our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

What would you like to see and hear from us in terms of so that we can give you greater transparency?

Send us your questions and ideas to

The Oafesto on Ethics and Responsibility
The Oafesto on Ethics and Responsibility