SS13 Special: Hollie Fernando

SS13 Special: Hollie Fernando

As part of our menswear take over at Lazy Oaf this week, South London photographer Hollie Fernando snapped some of her favourite SS13 men's designs on her pal Toby. Photographed amongst the streets of London, this laid back shoot follows that feeling of freedom we all get at the beginning of the summer. We caught up with Hollie to chat shooting in film, fear of phone calls and toilets vs. tables. When did you become interested in photography Hollie? It was actually finding my dad's old Pentax when we were clearing out the loft one day. I was about 14/15 and was curious to work out how to use it as I'd never come across one before. I ended up falling in love with the process of getting the films developed and failing and trying again and finally getting it right. I left my school to go to an Art College to do a darkroom course and pursue it further so I guess it was decided from that point. I had never been so passionate or inspired by anything like it before, and still to this day it's pretty much the only thing that drives me. What are some your favourite things to photograph? Mainly people that interest me. I’m lucky that I am surrounded by beautiful and creative people. Most the people in my portfolio aren’t models - they’re relatives and friends I have somehow managed to pick up! 
I also love taking photos of things you find in nature that just blow you away. My great nan used to say about stuff like: ‘If someone painted it, it wouldn’t seem real’. Clouds are a good example, I’m obsessed.

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Film or digital? Film – 100% forever and always. People edit digital now to look like film, what's the point? Saving money, yeah, but try investing some of that money into your work and you'll get such a feeling of satisfaction when things work out. Get back to basics and use the shit it all started with. I like that by using film I have to really think about each shot I take, no rapid firing getting whatever, each shot really means something to me and I take my time. What was your fav piece to shoot from the collection? I loved the Surfs Up Shirt, just plain brilliant.

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Tell us 10 of your favourite things: Food, music, sleep, books, clean sheets, my puppy, freedom, love and inspiration (that's 9!) How many burgers could you eat in one sitting? Give me a plate of dirty chicken burgers from Meat Mission and I could probably clean it off. Those things can’t even be legal. Do you wake up or open your eyes first? Sometimes I watch myself sleep with my eyes closed.

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What’s the opposite of a table? A toilet. You eat a table, do work at a table and sometimes have sex on a table if your parents aren't in. I definitely would never do any of those things on a bog. If you could only do one dance move the rest of your life, what would it be? The Carlton dance move. Tube or bus? Tube, when you eliminate the stinky armpits and pervy men!

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Boys or girls? Boys for kissing, girls for photos. Text or call? Text, I have just about gotten over my stupid fear of speaking on the phone. Have mad thumb skills and can text with speed. Facebook or Twitter? Facebook, it’s a way better stalking platform.

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Dogs or cats? Dogs! I used to be a mad cat lady until I brought a puppy home, he’s the coolest little thing. BBQ or picnic? BBQ, meaty and messy. Picnic’s are for sissies. Follow me at: Facebook: Instagram: @holliefernando Twitter: @holliefernando