Lazy Loves Docs

Lazy Loves Docs

Lazy Oaf founder, Gemma Shiel talks about the latest collaboration with Dr. Martens

Why did you want to collaborate with Dr. Martens?

Who can resist such an iconic British brand that stomps out of a rebellious heritage, which I love. The brand was also a massive part of my misspent youth in the 90s and a pair of DM’s were my uniform for a very long time. They are still just as relevant today and I see so many of our customers wearing them with our stuff, so a collaboration felt right and also very very exciting to me personally. I keep thinking, if I could time travel back to meet my 14-year-old self and tell her that she's going to design a few pairs of those boots one day - I would probably hyperventilate and wet myself.

What was the design inspiration behind the range?

It's a small range of one boot, one shoe and a bag, so we needed elements that would pull the range together in a very distinct Lazy Oaf way. We kept to a dark colour palette to sit together with our own red and black focused Autumn Winter campaigns. The boot is probably my favourite style, this was really fun to work on. On first glance, it's quite an aggressive chunky boot, but we've kept a feminine twist using satin pleating and a heart zipper pull. The shoe and bag use one of our iconic Heart repeat prints, which reminds me of a Barbie dress I had in 1988. How can you resist flock hearts!?

Dr. Martens has such strong links to youth cultures, gigs and street fashion – where/on who would you most like to spot DM'€™s x Lazy Oaf's being worn? (can use a time-machine for this Q)

Well, if I can hop into a DeLorean and go back to the future, I would hand a pair to Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, Bikini Kill, The Breeders. Maybe Miss Courtney Love.

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