A Site to Behold

A Site to Behold

Welcome to our BRAND NEW WEBSITE. We have given our site a bit of a revamp to make it as easy and enjoyable for you to use as possible and we sure do hope you like it. To celebrate this exciting launch, we are going to be giving a free gift from our online catalogue to the first thirty people to place an order so if you're umming and errring over what to buy then now is your time to make a purchase.

So, as you can see we have made a few changes to the general layout of the site which is all part of our aim to make it as clear and visual of possible.

We now have a fancy new feature that allows you to zoom over all of our products so you can get a clearer picture of what they really look like (see above).

Now, when you visit each section of our site, all of the different categories are listed at the side at all times making your online shopping experience a lot smoother as you won't have to keep going back.

So what do you think? It might take a couple of goes to get used to the new look and layout but we can assure you that online shopping with Lazy Oaf will never have felt so easy!