A Treasure Chest of Jewels from Me and Zena

A Treasure Chest of Jewels from Me and Zena

It is always exciting when we receive packages in the post here at Oaf HQ but we were particularly excited for the much anticipated arrival of necklaces fresh from London jewellery designer Me and Zena. Unraveling the box was literally like opening a treasure chest full of glittering, golden goodies. Check out the latest treasures we have got our piratey paws on including some tattooed knuckles, a shimmering television set and a new variation on our favourite nautical anchor classic.

Me and Zena was founded by Zena McKeown in 2005 when she decided to turn her dreams of magical unicorns into a reality. Zena's jewels have been wowing the crowds ever since with a string of celebrity fans including Sarah Harding (above), Pixie Geldof and The Saturdays to name a few. We caught up with our previous Oaf employee to delve into a world of mystical creatures, heartache and Gary Barlow.

Tell us a bit more about your new collection?

There are some quite bold pieces like the 'Entertain me' TV necklace and the 'Love & Hate' Tattooed knuckles necklace but they have an edge of sparkle and prettiness. There's some more love themed stuff to come (obviously!), like a little heart shaped sweetie box locket you can put a picture of your 'sweetie' inside. There's also a ship's helm necklace to match my anchor necklace.

What was the first piece of jewellery you ever designed?

I designed a unicorn pendant called Jessica. She was all pastel coloured and a bit sexy. People said she looked like a My Little Pony but they were wrong!

Where do you get inspirations for your designs?

Love and heartache, mystical creatures, electrical equipment, pop culture and the duality inherent in all existence.

What is your most favourite piece of jewellery ever?

Anything from Dior's Joaillerie collections make my heart stop beating. Their rings are beyond amazing. I would trade the sentimental heirlooms of my entire family for one.

What are your future dreams for Me and Zena?

I want to do a charm bracelet. I’ve got loads of ideas. I also have dreams of a really exciting shop where people know they can go and are guaranteed to leave feeling a bit fizzy because of all the lovely things they've bought.

What do you collect?

I'm crap at collecting. I’ve got a few robots, but only 4 or 5 and some of those are drawings of robots. I’ve got quite a lot of empty sketch books too, does that count?

Who would be your dream date?

Gary Barlow, no contest.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Gary Barlow. Favourite song of all time?

Probably 'There is a Light That Never Goes Out' by The Smiths. It has a feeling of abandon and pathos that I don’t think many other songs can match.