AW'13 Staff Picks: Alice

AW'13 Staff Picks: Alice

Finishing off our AW'13 staff picks today is our brand new Womenswear Design Assistant Alice Edwards. Alice chooses the You Tart Bomber Jacket and our latest Sockrates Socks. Today she's been enjoying eating the Haribo that we got sent as a present to the office. ALICE-3 ALICE-2

What are you wearing from the Lazy Oaf AW'13 collection?

I'm wearing the You Tart Bomber Jacket. I love the 80's-feel leopard print arms and the tiny gold hand zip.

Other than being our Womenswear Design Assistant, what role do you play within the Lazy Oaf office?

I've been checking out all of the amazing bits and bobs decorating the Lazy Oaf office. My favourite is a pink plastic cap with plastic flowers, used for the Nasty Gal photo shoot. There's loads of weird and wonderful things here, it makes me go a bit magpie.

What's keeping you busy in the office today?

I've been slowly working my way through Haribo this morning and drawing lots of purple toothpaste.

What's you fave blog to read on your lunch break?

I check up on a lot and I'm always scrolling through Pinterest. I can't honestly answer this question without mentioning the Daily Mail: guilty pleasure.

Sky Ferreira has gone topless for her new album cover, what do you think of this trend for celeb girls flashing the flesh?

It makes me do an involuntary eye roll. If that's what you want to do, go for it, but it's all getting a bit overplayed now. Maybe wearing some great Lazy Oaf patterns would grab my attention again.