Cushty Cushions

Cushty Cushions

Last week Gemma announced that she would like to brighten up our studio sofa which led onto the idea of the cushion. Mission cushion was appointed to our crafty intern Lucy Hall who was left to play with a series of classic Oaf designs, a giant bag of cosy wadding and a sewing machine. We liked the cushions she made so much that rather than limiting them to our sofa, we're giving you the chance to bring some Lazy Oaf love into your lounge, bedroom or office.

These cushions have been hand crafted to perfection from the original Lazy Oaf designs. So freak out your friends and hide your face behind Gummy Eyeballs, send out some much needed positive vibes in Yeah! and let everyone know everything is A-OK with Thumbs Up.

And these cushions have a multitude of uses you know. Use one to sort out your back problems when sat at your desk. Or to lay your head on when watching the telly. Or to snuggle up with in bed at night. Basically if you get one of these then everyday will be a LAZY one.

The cushions are available in very limited numbers so if you want one then get one NOW! These cushions were hand made by talented sewer and maker Lucy Hall,; you can get hold of some of Lucy's original designs this Saturday at the Craft Market in Ipswich - check out the blog at for see all the details.