From LA to London: Hanna Beth

From LA to London: Hanna Beth

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of visiting LA style blogger and model Hanna Beth's Hollywood home to shoot her wearing her favourite pieces from our SS'13 collection. For Winter '13 we've swapped things around by inviting Hanna to our London studio to choose her favourite designs from the AW'13 range. We chatted to Hanna about backpack loving, tea drinking and why Rihanna wins over Britney Spears. Hanna wears the Head Banger Bomber Jacket, Bobby Shirt, Bear Bobble Hat and Bear Necessities Backpack.




What designs are you wearing from the Lazy Oaf AW'13 collection?

I am wearing the Head Banger Bomber Jacket, Bear Bobble Hat, Bear Necessities Backpack and the Bobby Shirt as a dress. I chose these pieces because I feel like they sum up my fall look perfectly. I love wearing an oversized tee or button-down as a dress. The bomber jacket has this rock n' roll vibe which I am always looking for with any piece I wear. Backpacks just seem the way to go lately! They are so much easier to carry around than a purse. I always have a million things I want to bring with me everywhere I go so having a backpack is definitely a plus. And the beanie...I mean it's fall! Hats are always my number one accessory.

What was the best thing you did while you were in London?

The best thing I did while being in London was probably go to Temple Theatre. My friend took me there as a birthday present and it was amazing! Instead of just sitting down and watching the play, you get to interact. You follow the character of your choice and get to experience the story AND you have the wear a mask. The theatre is a few stories with tons of different sets. At one point we were in a room full of sand and the next minute you are in a saloon. It was a trip & definitely like nothing I have seen before.

And the best thing you bought?

The best thing I bought was probably macaroons from Ladurée (when Hanna went to Paris); these were some of the best I have ever had!

Did you drink any tea?

Oh yes, I am a big tea drinker and where is a better place to drink tea than in London?

LA and London are pretty different aren't they? 

Wow yeah there are a ton of differences! The fashion in London is a lot more bold and daring. I feel like people aren't afraid to be different or judged; in LA people are a little more reserved and you see most people rocking the same trend. I also love how you don't have to have a car in London! I am all about taking the underground,  I wish LA had a system like that - sitting in traffic on the freeway is the ultimate worst!

Who's your favourite person to follow on Instagram?

Anyone from my family. I always love to see what they're up to. My dad posts a lot of art since he is heavily involved in the art world and my brother Marlon doesn't post a lot but when he does it's always something hilarious. We have the same type of humor.

Britney Spears and Rihanna have recently released new singles but who do you think would win a fight between the two?

Rihanna  - she is a bad bitch & not someone I would wanna mess with! Plus, she is a total babe and has killer style.

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