Have you got the Oaf Factor?

Have you got the Oaf Factor?

Are you the first to grab the mic in a game of Singstar? Think you could be the next Leona Lewis? Well then don't miss this opportunity of a life time in the form of Oaf-A-Oke this weekend. Yes we are holding a live karaoke event in the window of our Fouberts Place Shop this Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th as part of Carnaby Street's Summer of Love weekend. We have a magnificent karaoke party box provided by Lucky Voice giving you the choice of over 7,000 songs so you really can't go wrong. And we will be rewarding prizes to the best singers on the day so it is definitely worth heading on down. Karaoke will be running from 2-4:30pm on both days.

So anyway, this event got the Oaf team thinking....what would our chosen karaoke tune be?

ALEX: 'What's love but a second hand emotion?' Tina Turner - What's Love Got To Do With It so I could strut around with MASSIVE hair in a skirt that's far too short, wearing stupidly high heels oh and miming of course because I NEVER sing, even happy birthday!

BEN: 'It's you I wanna do' Prince Sexy M-F because it serves up some awesome funk, and the lyrics are great! You also have to move like a snake while singing this because its one smooth tune.

GILL: 'God bless Mother Nature, she's a single woman too.' It's Raining Men by the Weather Girls; the original not Geri Halliwell's version. What female wouldn't like men dropping out of the sky?

ELLIE: 'But don't worry, you can suntan' Club Tropicana by WHAM! because I'd like to sip a pina colada out of a pineapple and wear sunglasses when I'm singing karaoke! Totally Tropical.

GEMMA: 'Top of the rank like Pearl and Dean' Betty Boo Doin the Do - I had a sing off with this tune once in a karaoke booth, I totally destroyed my competitor with my version.

JERRY: 'How can I tell if he loves me so?' The Shoop Shoop Song by Cher - If I'm going to sing a karaoke song I want something that gives me a chance to be as loud and intense as possible and no one does it better than Cher. The woman's a genius plus I love this video from the film Mermaids.

KATIE: 'I can't get no rest, people say I'm obsessed' Fine Young Cannibals  'She Drives Me Crazy' - I'd love it if I could reach these notes!

SHEVONE: 'Guilty feet ain't got no rhythm' I would love to have the bottle to belt out George Michael's Careless Whisper! I often do at home but wouldn't in public. It's an amazing song that is full of passion and allows you to sing at the top of your voice plus it is George.

STEPH: 'Put another dime in the jukebox baby' I Love Rock N' Roll by the Arrows/Britney Spears - because it's not hard to do a better job than Britters really, is it?

ZOE: 'They don't love you like I love you' Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I don't participate in any form of public singing, but when I was staying with friends in America I sang Maps on Rock Band and got 98%. It almost made me consider a career  in karaoke... Almost.

ROSY: 'I'll create a looks that's made for you' Madonna's Dress You Up - This would be easier because she is not a very good singer!

The question is what song would you choose?

To see the some of the Oaf team in action then be sure to come along to our shop this weekend and show us what you're made of. There will also be special Lazy Oaf CD's handed to the first 20 people to make a purchase, each packed with the wildest tunes. To read more and receive updates see Facebook.

You can book in slots with your friends or find out more by emailing Ellie at ellie@lazyoaf.com.