Knits a Treat

Knits a Treat

This season we have bought you a whole lotta new shapes and designs. We've seen cropped shirts, long sleeves dress with pockets, jumpers with zips but now we are going all out to bring you our first ever knitted jumpers just in time for the huge snowfalls. So get ready to warm up in style with our two brand new knitted delights, the Pom Pom Jumper and Reversible Dotty Dress.

Lift your mood no matter how bitter the weather gets with our Pom Pom Jumper guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees it. Beware, with this fluffy blue tassel on your front, everyone's going to want to give you a feel.

Whether it is broad daylight or dark as a the night when you leave the house, it doesn't matter as, in this Reversible Dotty Jumper Dress, you can switch from black to white right back to black.

These jumpers are 100% acylic and 100% warm.