Let's Stick Together

Let's Stick Together

Without a doubt, tape is a key essential in everyone's stationery collection. Whether you need it for practical reasons like wrapping presents or sticking things onto your wall or you want to use it to decorate any number of things, a roll of tape comes in very hand on a daily basis. So we decided to design our very own personalised Lazy Oaf rolls just for you and we think you will be impressed with the results.

How do you make a sausage roll? You push it down a hill. Or alternatively you get hold of our very own roll of sausages in the form of this tape. Covered in a string of three different meaty pals, this tasty tape is ideal for giving a delicious finishing touch to any gift or bed room.

Fairy lights aren't just for Christmas you know. Now you can have them all year round without suffering the electricity bill increase with this clear tape. Decorated with shiny coloured bulbs, this tape will give a touch of glowing magic to anything it becomes attached too.

Draw and draw like never before with this tape giving you a pencil for every occasion. This graphic printed tape is ideal for sticking down all your cuttings in your sketch book or sprucing up the simplest of journals.

Each roll consists of 66m of tape so the possibilities of use are endless. Let us know how you use yours.