This is How You Do it: Juan Cocco

This is How You Do it: Juan Cocco

This season, we are turning the tables and asking you to tell us how you wear Lazy Oaf. So, we have hand picked a selection of our favourite fashion bloggers and trend setters from far and wide and have asked them to show us how they wear our stuff.

Today we are thrilled to present you with one of's all time most rated users, the colour loving, curly haired Juan Cocco.

Juan wears the Blue Shut Your Mouth Sweatshirt and Grey In the Mix Rucksack.

What's your name, where do you come from and what do you do?

I'm Juan Cocco, I'm from Spain but I currently live in Reykjavík as an exchange student. Even though I study Law & Business,  fashion is also one of my passions. In my free time I upload pictures and stuff I like on my blog

When would you wear your Lazy Oaf look?

I do not think there's a special occasion to wear it, you can wear it everywhere! Or at least that's what I do...I mean, we should be able to wear funny and colourful clothes everywhere we go.

What has been your biggest fashion disaster to date? I've always worn what I liked at that moment, je ne regrette rien!

Have you got a number one style tip for 2011?

Who knows? That's the funny thing about fashion, you know what you like today but no have idea what you'll like tomorrow.

Our verdict: Joan was born to wear Lazy Oaf! He has an amazing sense of colour and we love his fun, playful attitude towards the way he dresses.

You can get a glimpse of Joan's style and life on his blog which includes a story about of his Lazy Oaf rucksacks first trip out to a "Blue Lagoon" in Iceland - we wouldn't mind being there right now!