This is How You Do It: Monsieur Robot

This is How You Do It: Monsieur Robot

For the fourth season in a row, we are turning the tables and asking you to tell us how you wear Lazy Oaf. So, we have hand picked a selection of our favourite bloggers and trend setters from far and wide and have asked them to show us how they wear our stuff. To kick start SS12, we have Warren Beckett AKA Monsieur Robot of the blogging sensations Warren picked out his favourite pieces from the collection including the Rain Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt, Awesome Long Sleeve Top and Midnight Stripe Long Sleeve T-shirt which he teamed with a selection of Oaf accessories.

Rain Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt with vintage Lee Denim Jacket

What’s your name, where do you come from and what you do you do? My name is Warren and I'm from Northern Ireland. I moved to London for uni almost 15 years ago and stayed here. I write a menswear column on as 'Monsieur Robot'. Don't try and speak French to me though as a Grade C in GCSE French doesnt get you very far!

Colour Block Rucksack with Rain Stripe Shirt

Talk us through your Lazy Oaf looks

I picked my three favourite tops for the shoot. The long sleeved tee is just fantastic, it has a sweet early 90's retro vibe to it. If something really is awesome, why not just write awesome on it?

The baseball tee is a classic item for me, the Aztec print sleeves just make this one really modern, the rainbow necklace works really well - it's a kitsch look so there's no need to try and tone it down, more is more.

The paint stripe shirt jumped out at me as soon as I saw it - I think I had both a sweatshirt and wallpaper with a similar print when I was a child. That paint effect just seems so deliciously tacky - in a good way of course. I'm wearing it under a Vintage Lee Denim jacket with the Lazy Oaf multi-coloured back pack and pyramid necklace. There's no shying away from how colourful the look is so you just need to run with it.

Midnight Stripe Long Sleeve T-shirt with Rainbow Necklace

What's your personal favourite design from the SS12 Lazy Oaf collection? I think I'd have to go for the baseball tee (above) I'm going to be wearing that A LOT.

Awesome Long Sleeved T-shirt

List 5 things you can't get enough of right now:

Spider-man - I'm an massive comic book geek and there's a new film coming out soon! Cats - lolcats, cat videos, kittens. Obsessed. Snapbacks - Doing the shoot I realised how much time I could save every day, if I wore a hat and didnt have to worry about my hair (hours and hours) Zombies - It doesnt matter whether they're in horror movies, computer games or books. I love me some zombies. Madonna - She's back, and I hope she's going to kick Lady Gaga's ass.

Rain Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt and Pyramid Necklace worn with Obey Snapback from Street Casuals

Our Verdict: We love the spring-time feel Warren has given our collection in these photos. The Rain Stripe Shirt and fitted Lee denim jacket is a great combination and the Obey Snapback compliments each outfit really well. Warren's also proved that men can definitely pull off our necklaces. Boys take note!

These photographs were shot by Dr. Handsome in Telegraph Hill Park, South East London.