You're not leaving the house like that...are you?

You're not leaving the house like that...are you?

So if you didn't notice already, over the past week we have been asking all of you to reveal your worst fashion disasters to be in with a chance of winning 2 Friday Clothes Show Live tickets. And after reading through all of your entries it is fair to say you have worn some pretty cringeworthy combinations over the years! After a lot of laughing, squirming and squealing, we have chosen the winner and she is Marinda! Feel her pain as she reveals her most embarrassing fashion moment:

'I think I must have been about 9 years old, I was taken to a fashion show in a mall in Florida (only a small one), I didn’t realise at the time what style was or what a catwalk was so I climbed up while the models were walking and strutting their stuff. I turn up with my fat pink jumper that had a sheep on and when you clicked the sheep it went ‘baa baa’ not only that but I had shiny green trousers on and big chunky shoes which must have occupied the worlds supply of rubber! And my hair, oh dear, it was like in a bun with two piggy tails unevenly hanging out of either side. To add to this disaster it was published in Florida today, 1993. I cringe with the thought of the memory!'

Eeeeeek. As we don't have photographic evidence of Marinda's outfit nightmare we have created our own version:

Actually we're quite digging this look.....

So Marinda is now the owner of 2 Friday Clothes Show Live tickets, make sure you don't go making any impulse buys now won't you?!

Thanks to everybody who entered and forced themselves to return to their embarrassing past. Don't forget, The Clothes Show is next week from 4th-9th December in Birmingham so come along and bag a bargain or 5. You can book your tickets and find out more here.