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This February we will be celebrating Pal'€™entines, as we bring you our latest editorial with Japan based best friends photographer Tammy Volpe and model Megumu. Alongside shooting and modeling for the likes of Vogue Girl Japan, Gucci and American Apparel, Tammy and Megumu have also set up their own project 'Vintage Loser', using their shoots together to create zines and design a small range of clothing, a lot of which features Tammy'€™s charismatic cat Margot.
We teamed up with the girls in Tokyo to shoot our latest capsule collection in the candy-coloured setting of Hanayashiki, Japan'€™s oldest amusement park. Amongst riding around on swan boats and driving panda cars, we chatted to the girls about what it'€™s like to work with your best bud.




How did you meet each other?
Megumu: We met at a hair show in Tokyo, we were both models at the time. Tammy came out of nowhere and ask to take a pic with me then asked for my Instagram. After that we started DM'ing each other and became friends.

What's the best thing about shooting together as friends?
Megumu: We know what we both wanna shoot so it's easy to work with each other rather than anybody else. It's always a relaxing fun shoot for both of us.

What's your favourite shoot you have done together?
Megumu: Besides shooting for 'Vintage Loser', the shoots we did for Gucci and Vogue Girl Japan

Tammy - what'€™s the best thing about being friends with Megumu?
She is a best friend and family at the same time and we always have fun together. We can play as crazy but sometimes we can talk about deep things. Actually we have different tastes in music and movies. But she is special to me.

Megumu - what's the best thing about being friends with Tammy?
We've been friends for 4 years and she knows me inside and out. As Tammy said, we are like family. Being friends with Tammy has been an adventure. We don't live together but we see each other almost every day. She is the funniest, most creative person I know and she always supports me.

Where do you like to hang out in Tokyo?
Tammy: I like to go to areas I've never been. I have so many places in Japan that I'd like to go to.