A Decade of Designs

A Decade of Designs

Whoaaaa can you believe an entire decade has past?! It only feels like yesterday when we were worrying about the Millennium bug, painting our faces in sliver glitter and singing along to Robbie Williams. For Lazy Oaf the, dare I use this phrase, noughties were incredibly significant as this was the decade we were born! Yes in 2001 our designer Gemma Shiel decided to turn her manic scribblings into T-shirts and she hasn't looked back since! So, with the help of you lot, we have decided to devote this blog to some of our favourite designs of the decade. Please join us in taking a trip down Oaf memory lane.

In the early years of Lazy Oaf, Gemma hand drew all of the T-shirts in the catalogue giving each design a suitable wearer as you can see in the party scene above - damn I wish I'd been invited. These particular designs were taken from the 2003 catalogue, anyone out there recognise any of these classics or perhaps even own them?

Skull Shoulder, above, was a particular favourite in this collection with celebrity fans including Fearne Cotton and Jared Leto pictured above with Scarlett Johansson (it is him, honest!).

For those of you Lazy Oaf newcomers, you may not realise that as well as designing T-shirts and sweatshirts, we also made a selection of mens cardigans. Above you can see Clouds and Stars that included a star print on the reverse, bet you wish you'd been around for this eh??

When people think of Lazy Oaf, the one design that always seems to pop into their head is Rainbow Cloud. This cheery design featured on just about everything including a brooch, a necklace and even the walls of our old studio on Sclater Street. Remember this old chestnut? Snap Happy was just one of our many takes on the French trend trompe l'oeil, the art of deceiving the eye.

There is nothing quite like a good bit of all over print it there and one of our favourite examples of this was Block Party. This was kindly modeled back in 2006 by Gemma's younger bro Simon Shiel.

Ahoy there sailor! We definitely have a bit of a thing for nautical here at Lazy Oaf and it would appear that so do all of you. This design, with a collar printed on the front and back, was a particular hit especially when Noel Fielding picked it to wear in The Mighty Boosh. Cyborg sea-dog, tell me what you dream of Future Sailors, oh yeah! See the full song (and T-shirt) in all its glory here.

Here at Lazy Oaf we just can't help being inspired by our fave films from yesteryear and that is just what happened with the Godzilla T-shirts that you boys (and girls) simply couldn't get enough of! If you didn't get one at the time then fear not as we still have a minuet amount left in the sale.

Through out our nine years, there has been one theme that has come up in every single collection and that is food Food FOOD! You healthy lot seem to particularly favour Milk Carton, slurrrrrrp! This design also transcended into a trio of brooches and a DIY Milk Carton. Luckily for you lads, Milk Carton is available online right now!

If there is one design that defines Lazy Oaf more than any other then it has to be our reversible sweatshirts. Gemma came up with the idea of these back in 2003 when she realised that, rather than washing your sweatshirt every time you spilled your dinner down it, it would be far better to save the washing powder and turn it inside out instead. The ultimate reversible design is our current Happy/Sad sweatshirt allowing you to let everyone know exactly how you're feeling. This baby is still available in yellow for girls and boys, but not for much longer...

Of course we couldn't have a count down without including our favourite piece of patty, the Burger Hat. We bought this little fella to you in AW 2008 and you liked him so much that he made a return this winter too. Here are a few photos we found on our Facebook of you lot rocking your hats of ham in style (number 2 and 3 courtesy of Luke Leonard).

As always, we'd like to end on a high so we have picked our current classic - the Burger Sweatshirt for girls and boys. If you want EVERYONE to think you look totally delicious then here is your answer, mmmm hmmmm.

So there you have it, 9 years of designs and by Joe have there been a lot! Got anymore you'd like to add?

If that all happened over the past nine years then who knows what's to come in the next decade? Dresses? Shoes? Restaurants? A Lazy Oaf theme park perhaps?! Fingers crossed.