And the Winners are...

And the Winners are...

Last week we held an all important competition to win three pairs of tickets for Clothes Show Live this Saturday 4th December where we simply asked you:

If money was no object, what would you like to see under the Christmas tree this year?

Your answers were certainly funny, original and, at times, damn right bonkers but after much deliberation, we have finally managed to pick our favourite three.


'Kelly Brook and a Lazy Oaf Burger hat! Been struggling to get one for ages!'

The image was too good to resist Tom! Unfortunately Kelly nabbed our last Burger Hat for herself, you'll have to fight her for it.


'If it was possible for me to have whatever I wanted at Christmas, I would have Lionel Richie singing ‘hello’ to me and then serenading on a harmonica!! I can see it now – the lights go down and all I can see is the fairy lights flashing then he pops out of the over sized gift! With a microphone wrapped in tissue paper, to make it look more fancy! It could happen?…… ‘is it me your looking for?!’ Daisy, we wholeheartedly agree. If this happens, please have your camera phone steady. TINA VIDMAR

- A trip to London to visit then buy all the stuff In the Lazy Oaf Store <3 - The Lazy Oaf In The Mix Grey Rucksack - The golden ticket to visit wily wonkas chocolate factory (: - A drawing lesson from Gemma Shiel (: - A new phone - To hope my life is as happy as it is now in the future <3 - To meet my hero Peter Facinelli <3 - A big art room full of my paints, fabrics and crafty stuff where i can come to chill out - The Lazy Oaf pencil scarf and the burger hat to come back - Anything with eyes on it - A turtle I can talk to So santa that is what i want (: its alot so I hope you elfy workers get to it ;)

What an impressive list Tina, and now that you are a winner of 2 Clothes Show tickets you can come along and meet our very own drawer Gemma Shiel in real life!

So join us in Congratulating Tom, Daisy and Tina and a big well done to all of you who entered this competition.

We can't wait to meet all of you coming to this years show, expect the unexpected! Goodie bags anyone?