Arty Hard with us at Tate Modern

Arty Hard with us at Tate Modern

Posted by: Jerry

It is all go for us at the moment as not only have we launched our menswear into Selfridges but last week also saw our limited edition T-shirt and accessory collection hit the shelves of London's most innovative art destination, Tate Modern gallery on Bankside in South East London. If you haven't visited Tate Modern before then we would definitely recommend you did. Previously a disused power station, the gallery is a huge open space filled with paintings, installations and sculptures by all of the finest contemporary artists. Current exhibitions worth mentioning include the intrusive Exposed - Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera photography exhibit and Francis Alÿs - Story of Deception - find out more details of the exhibitions here. The gallery holds two equally impressive shops  stocking everything any budding artist could hope for from an extensive book collection to a tempting selection of prints and postcards ready to plaster on your walls. And now both stores also stock yours truly as you can see here:

Lazy Oaf in the downstairs store.

Here are our Stationery Note books neatly lined up beside these giant coloured pencils made by the Oaf team.

The Stationery T-shirts placed in a pile beside the matching Stationery Necklace.

Lazy Oaf in the upstairs store on the second floor.

The TATE badges looking tasty in their own boxes.

'I Like to Arty Hard' T-shirt telling it as it is.

All of the accessory collection displayed in this cabinet.

Here is a photograph of the hall entrance to give you an impression of just spacious the gallery really is. The Tate Collection is available right now on our site, in our shop and in the Tate Modern stores ready for you to get your creative claws into. And make sure you keep Sunday 8th August free as this is the day we are taking over Tate Modern for a very special Oaf event. More details are on their way next week.