Autumn '13 Staff Picks: Sinead

Autumn '13 Staff Picks: Sinead

We're continuing our fortnight of autumn staff picks with our Stock Coordinator Sinead Keating. Sinead is wearing the Yes Shorts with the Cherub Necklace. She would like James Franco to walk into the office right now. SINEAD-PICKS-2

What are you wearing from the Autumn '13 collection?

I have the Yes Shorties on; I love how bright the colours are, especially now that the weather's quite dull. The Cherub Necklace is good for breaking up outfits and adding that extra bit of bling.

Other than being our Stock Coordinator, what role do you play with in the Lazy Oaf office?

You can usually find me lurking in the basement hanging out with the spiders and rummaging through boxes of clothes. I also help the wholesale team with their orders, and eat all the carrot cake and chipsticks that the co-op has to offer.

If anyone could walk into the office now who would you want it to be?

All of my close mates from back home that I miss loads (I can be a giant homesick softy at times), other than that, more realistically I would say James Franco.

What websites do you look at on your lunch break?

My lunch break is normally dedicated to consuming as much food as possible but I'm normally creeping on the Daily Mail website to see what the Kardashians are up to, so I can pretend to know what's going on in the mainstream showbiz world.

Do you think Miley Cyrus swinging naked on a giant ball is a step too far?

I saw footage of her licking a hammer as well. To be honest I wish I had her confidence, although licking random household objects isn't really my type of thing.