Lazy Loves: London's Closet

Lazy Loves: London's Closet

It's Summer Sale time in our Ganton Street Store, and oh boy! did we know the perfect locals to rummage through the rails with. We caught up with Shope and Shore, the blogging brains behind the capitals favourite twin style blog London’s Closet. We quizzed the girls on sales, steals and all things stylish!


Shore wears Tie Dye Shirt and Blue Wash Circle Skirt, Shope wears Stay Real T-shirt with Purrfect Shorts.

Lets cut to the chase, do you really own you a closet or are we just talking wannabee wardrobes? SHOPE: Haha, oh stop it! No, we totally wish we had a huge walk in wardrobe, but we just have to make do with our little old closets. Do you plan your outfits or just go with the flow? SHORE: I rarely plan my outfits, I always have intention to, but I'€™m so lazy it never happens! SHOPE: I love those days when I don'€™t plan it and I come up with the snazziest outfit ever. I look in the mirror like '€œdayuummm girlfriend'. Name and shame' who's the bigger clothes stealer? SHOPE: Shore!! Without a doubt, she always steals my clothes. I have to admit nowadays it is pretty much even, but in the past it used to irritate me so much! Sorry Shore! SHORE: It'€™s time to do the walk of shame, it's 100% me! 

Shope wears Awesome Crop Top with Awesome Sweatpants, Shore wears Mr and Mrs Crop Baseball.

We'€™re coming out of the closet, which awesome London spot should we go first? SHOPE : I love All Star Bowling on Brick Lane, as you can go pick up some vintage items in the markets, and then you can go and get drinks and laugh at how useless you are at actually bowling. SHORE: The Drift restaurant/bar in Bishopsgate, such a great place to relax a long day! We're going for your dream lunch, what do you order ? SHOPE: Bruschetta, followed by a huge cheese and bacon GBK burger with curly fries, then an apple crumble. Such a weird mix of things! And I know many people don'€™t have 3 courses at lunch, but you did say '€œdream'€.. SHORE: A mix of breakfast, and dinner! To start it would have to be salmon, bagels with Philadelphia and scrambled eggs. Followed by a huge plate of creamy carbonara, and to finish a hot chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. The thought of this is literally making my stomach grumble!

Shope wears Mr & Mrs Repeat Dress, Shore wears Fun Dress.

Last song you played? SHOPE: DJ Fresh vs Diplo ft Dominique Young Unique - Earthquake. Oh, I am loving that song! SHORE: Justin Timberlake Pusha Love Girl, I may possibly be in love with him! You're stuck in a changing room queue, who do you want to spend it with? SHOPE: Amazing question! Hmm, probably Beyonce. Surprise, surprise, but I would just stare at her the whole time! SHORE: Shemar Moore, no question about it. Whats your best sale shopping story? SHOPE: OK so I was in New York, and it was our last day there, so we made it our absolute mission to find some thrift shops. In the last shop I spotted a blue velvet jacket, and the man behind the counter noticed I had a British accent. It was $8, but if I could do the best American accent I could muster, he would lower it to $5. I did like a jersey shore Snooki accent, and safe to say I secured my discount!

Shore wears Mr and Mrs Crop Baseball with Heart Pocket Shorts.

Favourite Lazy Oaf item you tried today? SHOPE: The Mr and Mrs Repeat Dress is absolutely perfect, it has pockets! In my opinion, every single dress needs to have pockets, every single garment of clothing, in fact, needs pockets. They are just so handy! SHORE: Without doubt, the Fun Dress. I love the different tones of pinks, and it'€™s perfect for summer holidays as it's so loose and floaty. Who/what is your most guilty pleasure ? SHOPE: I am still an Eastenders fanatic! Every single person has fallen out of love with it, and I definitely feel like I am the only person left watching it. But I love it! SHORE: Trash TV - Gypsy Brides, Jerry Springer, Maury, Toddlers in Tiara'€™s, you name it, I watch it. I also have to add in my obsession with Shemar Moore (From Criminial minds for all you people who haven'€™t had the pleasure of looking at him), I'm so not ashamed to say that I have a T-shirt with his name on it!

Bear Ring Set and Pizza Ring.

QUICK FIRE ROUND: Rummage through the bargain bins or chill in an online queue at home? SHOPE: Bargain bins! Never had luck with online queues. SHORE: Online queues in the luxury of my bed of course! Live fast or Stay Real? SHOPE: Live fast! SHORE: Stay Real! We need to be sensible guys, One last thing, SHOPE OR SHORE !? SHOPE: SHOPE OBVIOUSLY ! SHORE: I think we all clearly know the answer is Shore. Lets not be irrational about this!