Just landed on planet Zac

Exploring that ‘just outside of normal’ feeling and everything other worldly, wearing our Out of This World collection will transport you to another planet. And tbh, we hope it’s planet Zac, the visual manifestation of digital artist Zacarrive’s brain. We’ve been friends with Zac for a few years now, and knew when we created this collection that it would sit perfectly in his dream realm. So we sent Zac some bits and asked him to interpret the pieces in his own creative style. And here’s what he came up with - Zac, the (digital) floor is yours.

Here’s Zac:

Hey, I’m Zacarrive. I’m an artist based in Sweden and my work focuses on the world of fashion and my own self reflection, and I explore these through photography and digital art. I love playing with surrealist imagery and creating not-quite-natural scenes that look so seamless they appear real enough to reach out and touch. That’s my ultimate goal whenever I am creating something - I want my digital additions to look as physically real in the image as I do myself. My love of the surreal comes from a devotion to fantasy worlds and video games that was first sparked when I was young, when I often felt like reality wasn’t as fun or fulfilling to me as the wonders I found in games and on TV. I questioned why I couldn’t fly, teleport or summon a friendly dragon? Those feelings stuck with me, and now my work is how I let those thoughts breathe. So I’m super excited to work with Lazy Oaf and to apply my artistic style to the pieces from their Out of This World collection.

Just landed on planet Zac Just landed on planet Zac

I created three different worlds, which I called Slajm, Magik and Coterac. For Slajm I built both the outfit and the edits around the Good Days fleece . I fell in love with the soft shapes against harsh colours, making me think of the words ‘toxic’, ‘hazard’ and ‘chemical reaction’. This then got me thinking about Zac from League of Legends who is slime based, and so I added a slime element to the images.

Just landed on planet Zac Just landed on planet Zac

Magik centres around the three ‘Watching You’ pieces, which in my mind created a monster/alien with an innocently evil personality. I tried to reflect this mood with my graphic treatment, taking inspiration from Veigar from League of Legends as well as jesters, jokers and mages.

Just landed on planet Zac Just landed on planet Zac Just landed on planet Zac

Cotera features the Magik centres around the three All the Smiles smock dress, and I was inspired by the spring blossom which makes me think of fairies and mystical woodland worlds. I referenced the Great Fairy Fountains in Zelda Breath of the Wild, imagining myself as the sleepy fairy living in a giant blooming flower, waiting for my next encounter with a passing traveller.

Just landed on planet Zac Just landed on planet Zac