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Lazy Oaf
Lazy Oaf
Lazy Oaf

Stop the planet, we want to get off!

It’s time to escape so we’ve taken a trip across galaxies, an inter galactic mission to another dimension where we can live lazy and prosper. To a land of bold graphics and bizarre illustrations, where neon’s reign supreme and a surreal sci-fi fantasy aesthetic helps you escape the everyday. Let’s jet off into Hyperspace and get the hell away from here.

Welcome Oaflings, to Planet Oaf 1.0

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Lazy Oaf: Men’s and Women’s Streetwear Clothing

Welcome to Lazy Oaf 

Founded in 2001, Lazy Oaf is a London-based fashion label designing streetwear for women and men, with a range of accessories that feature bold colours and graphic prints.

Lazy Oaf drives irreverence into everything it does - creating pieces that play on a weird and warped sense of humour. The brand's eclectic style of London clothing is inspired by youth nostalgia, 90s fashion, rebellion and a sense of not conforming to the norm.

As well as seasonal streetwear collections, Lazy Oaf works on special fashion collaboration projects with other artists and creatives.

In addition to our online store, we also have a non-virtual, real life shop in Soho, London, just a short walk from Oxford Circus Tube Station. If you’re nearby, come and see us, say hi, and check out our streetwear and latest offerings.

Lazy Oaf. Keeping it weird since 2001.