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Lazy Oaf Oversize Flannel Shirt Dress

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Lazy Oaf Denim Pink Sleeve Shirt

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Lazy Oaf

Women's Shirts

Women’s Lazy Oaf Shirts.

Find Lazy Oaf’s women’s shirt designs including long sleeve and short sleeve, full length and cropped shirts. They feature Lazy Oaf’s colourful cartoon prints, bold graphic artwork and unique illustrations, applied to 100% cotton shirts.

London based fashion label Lazy Oaf design youthful men’s and women’s clothing and accessories featuring the brand's eye-catching illustrations, bold, graphic prints and bright colours. Designs celebrate nineties nostalgia, streetwear and Lazy Oaf’s witty, British sense of humour.

Women’s Printed Shirts.

Lazy Oaf's women's Looney Tunes capsule collection with Warner Bros includes the Porky Pig shirt, a white cotton long sleeved shirt covered in a repeat print of an animated Porky Pig taken from classic Looney Tunes cartoons.

Lazy Oaf's women's shirts for winter are covered in colourful cartoon prints applied to our popular, asymmetric, long sleeve cotton shirts. Find Lazy Oaf's interpretations of breakfast cereal characters taking over the 'Cereal' shirt featuring illustrations of crocodiles, dogs, tigers and smiley faced breakfast cereal. Neon tube lighting inspires the cartoon doodles covering the 'Neon Neon' shirt and skull and cross bone motifs feature on the black and white 'Poison' shirt.

Lazy Oaf’s women’s shirts for autumn see repeat prints of squares, circles, scribbles and grids covering short sleeve and long sleeve dress shirts and crop shirts. Find the denim, short sleeve ‘Kit Katty’ shirt featuring Lazy Oaf’s manga-style cartoon cat. See the naïve scribble drawings and pastel shapes covering Lazy Oaf’s popular asymmetric, long sleeve, button up shirt shape.

Lazy Oaf’s Space Oddity women’s shirt features the ‘Astro Dog’ white shirt with a collage dog and bone print repeated across the iconic button up shirt shape.

Lazy Oaf’s Garfield retro women’s shirts collection features the short sleeve pink ‘Pharaoh Enough’ shirt covered in a repeat print of Jim Davis’ iconic cartoon cat Garfield wearing an Egyptian Tutankhamun headdress. Find the pizza boy Garfield the cat printed across the cropped ‘Garfield Pizza’ shirt made from 100% white cotton.

Lazy Oaf’s spring/summer women’s shirts include the pastel pink ‘Flip Out’ dress shirt covered in a bold, illustrated print and the ‘Bear Naked’ monochrome shirt featuring Lazy Oaf’s cute, cartoon naked bear drawing by Gemma Shiel.

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