Lazy Oaf meets Oscar Scheller

Lazy Oaf meets Oscar Scheller

Sharing our love for nostalgia and 90’s pop culture, North London singer songwriter Oscar has a DIY, romantic take on britpop having released his debut album Cut And Paste this year, on indie label Wichita. Having spent time at Central Saint Martins he also has a keen eye for visuals, creating his own artwork. Add to that a serious collection of vintage Mickey Mouse gems in his wardrobe… who better to shoot in our latest Disney x Lazy Oaf mens collection?

Hello Oscar, how're you today?
I’m alright you know. It's a beautiful sunny autumnal day despite what's happening in the world!

You're a bit of a 90's fanatic when it comes to style, what is it that attracts you to this era of primary colours and bold graphics?
The 90s was a fascinating time for culture. The hangover of the 80s and the cusp of the Millenium made for a pretty dynamic era for style and music. I like the innocence of primary colours, the child-like connotations of it, and dressing as loud as you think. The bold graphics come from my love of drawing and illustration, something that's been important to me since I can remember. My aim is to be a walking piece of art.

Do you feel the way you dress acts almost as a visual representation of your sound as an artist?
It's totally a reflection of the music! It's patchwork, mix and match, colourful, and dynamic. I also make a lot of my clothes and it's the same for the music.

Actually, on that note how would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard you before?
3 words and you can't say Pop...

Eclectic, Uplifting and Melodic

So what about Disney and Mickey, when did this love affair begin for you?
It all started when I found a trippy tie-dye t-shirt with a stoned looking Mickey Mouse on it in a thrift shop in NYC. Then after that these clothes seemed to keep finding me, and so the affair began. Whenever I'd get the chance to go to second hand shops I'd keep an eye out for anything with Mickey on it.

You have a fair few custom and vintage pieces, how big is your Disney collection?
I've got around 26 garments with Disney designs. I don't have any trousers though, still working on that ;)

You're house is on fire! Quick, which 1 piece do you save?
AH that's a killer question! Probably the Mickey coat. It was an old ravers ski jacket that I customised and has a huge life size Mickey on the back of it. It's a one-off piece for sure.

It wasn't really, sorry to scare you. Tell us a little bit about what we can expect to see from you in the dying moments of 2016, or is “2017 my year bro” ?
2017 is crazy exciting because I've got big plans. Hold tight

Thanks for stopping by! Do you have, if any, words of wisdom to leave with our readers?
Love yourself and enjoy every moment.