BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste

Over the last few months our Founder/CEO/King of Oaf Gemma was having an evening scroll on socials when she stumbled across the instagram account of photographer Beau. After a tiny bit of stalking, Gem fell in love with the lo-fi vibes of Beau’s work and decided to slide into her DMs to see if we could work together. Luckily, Beau likes us too, so she shot this lovely load of pictures of her two good pals, Tildy and Celeste, in some of our recent collections. We caught up with them to hear all about the shoot, their friendship and their side hustles, keep on reading...

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Hiya Beau, Tildy and Celeste! How’s it going?

B, T, C: Hellooooo .. very good thank you!

Thanks so much for taking these amazing pictures for us. Was the shoot as fun as it looks?

B: We had so much fun! Tilda lives in Brighton, so she came up to stay with us the night before the shoot. We had a mini pre-shoot sleepover and then all got up and had breakfast together in the garden. It was all very wholesome.

You three seem like friendship goals. How did you meet?

T: Me and Celeste first met in 2018 when she got in touch with me through Instagram to do a shoot for her brand! It feels like so long ago now but it was a really cute day and we instantly got on.

BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste

B: Cel and I met in Brighton while I was studying there, and have been living together on and off for the last 4 years! Ranging from a one bed on the sea, her parents house, my 14 square meter apartment in Paris and for the last year our guardianship in Hackney. I met Tilda not too long ago when she came up to model for a shoot that I shot for Celeste's brand, after the shoot she did matching stick and poke tattoos so safe to say we got on!

C: It’s nice that through our work we’ve all collaborated and worked together. Beau and I have done countless shoots, Tildy’s modelled for my brand and we’ve both shot together with Beau (and Tildy did mine and Beau’s matching tattoos as well which all feels very cute!).

What were your first impressions of each other? Were they accurate?

T: Hmm that’s tricky… I guess I just thought both of them were really cool and it seemed like we would be into a lot of the same things. Beau was living in Paris for a while and I remember seeing her life on Insta and thinking how amazing it all looked. She has such an incredible eye so of course it always looked crazy beautiful. It’s harder to say for Celeste as I’ve known her longer, but both of them are some of the loveliest, most inspiring people I know.

BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste
BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste

B: That is the cutest thing I've ever read Tilda.. which really lives up to my impressions that you were a real life cherub! It's hard to say what my first impressions were of Celeste as I feel like we know each other so well now, but I'd say it was that she had a really exciting energy and was travelling a lot when we met and I thought damn I wanna do that, so we booked a trip to Paris not long after and that was that.

C: Both of my first impressions were that I liked their style and what they were about and/or making. Beau and I had instantly compatible energy around work and partying and when we met Tildy a few years on she’s slotted right in!

What’s your favourite thing to do as a three?

B, T, C: Probably just like, have a boogie and take pictures! Or go for a pint haha.

Who is the loudest out of the three of you?

B, T: Celeste when she’s excited

BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste

We love your lo-fi images Beau - how did you develop your style?

B: It's kind of happened really organically, I studied Illustration for my degree but incorporated a lot of photography in my final year. I used it mainly as a tool to express my ideas and aesthetic interests in a figurative way rather than really paying attention to the ins and outs of the technical side. I guess you could say that's where the 'lo-fi' comes in - I shoot on an Olympus Mju ii, which is a really great automatic point and shoot. It really suits my sensibilities, and by that I mean the fact that I'm impatient and prefer to focus on the subject matter/composition rather than fiddling around with the technical settings. There's sometimes a little judgement in the photography world if you professionally shoot on a point and shoot, but I really think it's all about finding a piece of kit that you really click with. I love my camera, I literally feel like it's my child (Cel even made me a tshirt for my birthday where she printed a giant picture of it on the back).

BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste

We also love the styling. Was it a group effort? And what's each of your favourite fits?

B: I pre-planned a lot of the styling before so that my head was in the game on the day and we could make the best use of our time, but with any shoot things change in the moment when one outfit might work better with a different setting. My favourite outfit combo was probably the check tights/check vest set that I had the girls in together, they looked like yin & yang chess pieces and I loved how soft they looked (plus for some reason at that point the silliness really escalated and the poses got pretty cute).

T: My favourite outfit was probably the check skirt with buckles and the big boots we styled it with, purely because it’s something I wouldn’t usually wear so it was fun to play dress up and feel different. Those boots made me feel invincible.

C: I really loved all the tights! I like wearing stuff I can bend around in and make fun shapes so these were really fun to play with, especially with big chunky shoes.

BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste
BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste

Tildy and Celeste, what do you get up to when you’re not in front of the camera?

T: I love cooking! It’s probably my favourite thing to do to cook for my friends. I feel like it’s the best way to bring people together. I also love music, I make my own music and sing a little with my friends band and they’re all super talented - whenever we play it’s like a little party and it feels really special.

C: I run my own aesthetic concept and clothing brand, hand making everything from my studio in the guardianship we live in. It mixes garment making / poetry and fine art practise to create wearable artworks and sensory- based clothing!

What’s each of your holy grail Lazy Oaf items?

T: Anything with the mushroom on it hehe I love that guy. But also I love the full co ord with the matching trousers and jackets that we wore for the shoot! Such a fun and comfy outfit.

B: I wear a lot of black for someone who claims to be a stylist lol. But I'm trying to be a little bit more inclusive of colour and pattern in my own wardrobe. Saying that, I haven't made the jump to full blown patterned anything yet - so I'd say the pink happy/sad socks hit the mark.

BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste

C: oooooh gotta be the long sleeves! I live in oversized tees and love when the sleeves come past your hands like borrowing your dad’s tees when you’re a kid. The grungy long sleeve was a perfect size and fitted all my goth girlfriend fantasies too.

If each of you were a breed of dog, what would you be?

T: I feel like maybe I’d be a little spaniel. One of the gingery golden ones! They’re so soft and not too loud, I can’t handle loud dogs. My mum thinks I’d be an Afghan hound because of my hair though.

B: 100% a Brussels Griffon. The ones with the crazy big face hair (if you saw my recent shag haircut you would understand).

C: Definitely a whippet, which I’d like to say is because they’re all long and elegant, but Beau was very quick to tell me it's because they have a spooky energy and skulk around - apparently this is what I do at home lol. Whenever she walks past my bedroom I’m usually just lying on a different part of the floor and whenever I walk into a room at home without announcing it it makes Beau jump haha.

BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste
BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste

What are you all looking forward to over the next year? Any big projects in the pipeline?

T: I’m looking forward to getting involved with new projects and doing more tattoos! I do little stick and pokes in Brighton/London and it’s really fun to be able to *use* my art in the real world.

B: My freelancing has really started to hit its stride and I'm excited to see how it'll evolve in the next year. It's been a hustle since November and a lot has just been finding my feet in the industry, making a lot of mistakes and ultimately figuring out my visual language. But I feel that a lot of the unknown has passed and I just feel hungry for more and more projects/shoots/collabs. With freelancing I kind of never know what's going to come next and I like that element of anticipation.

BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste

C: I’ve got a solo showcase coming up in Birmingham which is really exciting - a kind of pop up / exhibition crossover, it seems like the beginning of a lil transition towards working as more of an artist with clothing as my medium which is a direction I’ve been wanting to move in for a while now! I did one in my bedroom in July, took everything out, set it up like a show room, bought a load of beers and invited my pals for a private view - that was so much fun so to do a real life open to the public showcase will be sick.

Alright, thanks for letting us nosey into your lives. See you down the pub?

B, T, C: For sure <3 Thanks for having us!!

BTS with Beau, Tildy and Celeste