Chi Virgo - 20 questions for 20 years

For the launch of our new collection, 2001, we get nostalgic with London-based singer-songwriter and model, Chi Virgo, who makes us feel like we are reliving the Y2K era with her iconic looks and style inspired by the noughties. We asked her 20 questions about some of her best, worst and weirdest things about the era.


1. What was in your bag in 2001?

I was 5 so probably some barbie heads and sour sweets

2.What was on repeat on your CD walkman?

1,2 step by Ciara

3. What do you love the most about the 2000’s?

My first instinct is to say the style but i also miss the freedom, everything seemed a lot more chilled in the 00s i think because of the lack of social media

4. Ultimate noughties icon?

This is a hard one!!! but it’s going to have to be Paris Hilton

5. Favourite noughties movement?

The rise of the juicy velour tracksuits and charcoal eyeliner

6. If you could go back to any party in the early 2000s, where would you go?

Maybe Brad and Jen's wedding

Chi Virgo - 20 questions for 20 years

7. Favourite fashion trend from the noughties?

Low rise jeans 100%

8. Worst fashion trend from the noughties?

I have to say plastic bracelets

9. Most memorable red carpet look?

Britney and Justin in the denim numbers

10. Favourite 00’s couple?

Posh and Becks

11. What was your go-to makeup look?

Dark brown lip liner with a gloss!!

12. From rizlagal88 to cutensexi69 people had the best email addresses and MSN usernames back then, what was yours?

Mine was something like foxypanda08 lol

Chi Virgo - 20 questions for 20 years

13. Most precious item of clothing/ accessory you owned in the 2000s?

Topshop used to do these teeny tiny cotton mini skirts my sister had this turquoise one that id always steal might as well have been my skirt!

14. Most watched film from the noughties?

Bring it on!

15. What was your bedroom aesthetic?

Heat magazine cutouts and glow in the dark stars

16. It's 2001, you’re burning a mix CD for your best mate, what's on it and what are you calling it?

It would have a everything by blink 182, destiny's child, xtina, missy elliot and I'd probably call it something like panda's gone wild i had a really cringy obsession with pandas

17. Favourite computer game of the time?

Sims 2

Chi Virgo - 20 questions for 20 years

18. Are you a Hype Williams fan? What was your favourite music video of the early 00’s?

Yes! it has to be No Scrubs from him but bootylicious was probably my all time fav

19. What was your go-to snack?

Sunny D and cheese string

20. What advice would you give your 2001 self 20 years ago

Being tall is not something to be embarrassed about!