Meet David Méndez Alonso

To celebrate our brand new collection we thought it only right that we check in with our longtime collaborator and friend, David Méndez Alonso. Now, if you’ve not met him yet through our previous collaborations, we’d describe David as a multi-disciplinary artist, fashion designer, illustrator, and colourful genius; a kindred spirit to Oaf in that he too doesn’t do serious, and instead prefers playful spontaneity. All of which come through in his own brand, Outsiders Division. But we’ll shut up now so he can introduce himself properly, and tell you all about his life and work.

Hi David! How are you doing?

Hi there!! I’m good - right now having a bocadillo of asparagus and cheese.

We’re so happy to be chatting with you again! Can you introduce yourself to our readers who might not have met you yet?

I’m a grown up man who regrets having grown up and who wears many colours. I like to design clothes and create fantasy-dream worlds.

Where are you now, and what’s the last thing you ate?

I’m at my studio in Barcelona eating bocadillo and drinking water. The last thing I ate before this was last night’s dinner of leek-cream and jamon serrano with bread.

Meet David Méndez Alonso Meet David Méndez Alonso Meet David Méndez Alonso

Any top tourism tips for people passing through Barcelona?

I would visit the Walden building from Ricardo Bofill, a very unknown spot outside the city.

How would you describe your style?

A little boy who dresses like a grandfather or a grandfather who dresses like a little boy.

What inspiration do you draw from when creating work for Outsiders Division?

I like to be inspired by everything that excites me. I am very interested in contemporary art, painting, work-wear and traditional clothes, folklore, cinema, and the 80s. I try to refer to a better, more beautiful world, and I take a lot from my own nostalgia and also from my childhood. I try to design for an adult who is not afraid of still being a child.

Meet David Méndez Alonso Meet David Méndez Alonso
Meet David Méndez Alonso Meet David Méndez Alonso Meet David Méndez Alonso

What does your creation process look like? Any rituals to get the creativity flowing?

I don't have any specific routine. I always work in my studio listening to music, but every day is different because I combine my personal projects and the management of Outsiders Division. I try to have schedules but I am one of those people who starts having ideas at 4:00pm.

You’ve worked on so many amazing projects - do you have a favourite?

Thank you very much, sometimes I don't believe it either. The projects that are the most popular are those that I do independently, those that are not commissions. In 2016, together with an architect friend, I presented a series of furniture called Hotel Oasis, which consisted of a collection of chairs, tables, screens and lamps. I have a lot of respect for furniture design and I would love to be able to design more pieces.

Meet David Méndez Alonso Meet David Méndez Alonso

What about other brands you’ve worked with? Any highlights?

In my opinion, the brand is not important but the project and having space to develop your ideas and style. I really enjoyed making a hand drawn and coloured animation for a Reebok campaign a few years ago. And working with Lazy Oaf is always rewarding because you allow me to propose my ideas, and you are always open to proposing your own. Although it sounds cliché, I really like designing clothes for other brands, I still get excited when I receive prototypes!

Can you tell us your favourite moment from 2021, and the thing you’re most looking forward to this year?

I would not highlight any specific moment, but 2021 has been better simply because 2020 was terrifying. I have been fortunate to be able to continue working on what I love, all friends and family are safe also, and that’s enough. :-D

Meet David Méndez Alonso Meet David Méndez Alonso

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

Work less and keep fighting anxiety. Visit more of my hometown and family. Learn to live with less.

Any final words?

I feel honoured that Lazy Oaf gave me the chance to work on a collection together!

Meet David Méndez Alonso Meet David Méndez Alonso