Lockdown with Kate Prior

Kate Prior is a graphic artist based in London. Kate’s work is always packed with humour and loads of colour. She is one of our creative collaborators for our Summer collections, and a long time pal of the brand. We wanted a little sneaky peak into how Kate is doing during Lockdown and to know more about that adorable furball of a kitten Daphne- Darlene.

Describe your quarantine experience so far in three words?

Lounging Existential Kitten

What’s your WFH set up, how’s it going for you?

Currently working from the sofa or from bed which, I’m not gonna lie, isn’t that much different to my pre lockdown setup. I think and sketch better when I’m comfortable and horizontal, but I do need elbow room when I do my final drawings. We recently adopted a tiny baby kitten called Daphne-Darlene, who is going to be the most needy puss in the land with all this WFH attention. Or she can’t wait to have the place to herself.

Daphne Darlene is the cutest thing, has she got any box set recommendations?

She says ‘Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit’ on Netflix (so predictable).

Lockdown with Kate Prior Lockdown with Kate Prior
"I was given the theme for each collection with mood boards then I was set free to do as I pleased..."

You have created quite a few graphics and illustrations for Lazy Oaf for their recent collections, how was working on them? Do you have a favourite?

Lazy Oaf are a dream to work with as I know my illustrations are in safe hands. I was given the theme for each collection with mood boards then I was set free to do as I pleased. I had some valuable feedback sessions with Gemma and Shirley then once the illustrations were finished, Lazy Oaf worked their magic mixing the illustrations into their collections. I’ve loved seeing the pieces styled in their shoots - My favourite has to be the Dolly Shirt from ‘Lil Bit Country’ with embroidered love heart.

How has downtime been?

I’ve taken to downtime like a champ. I feel eternally grateful that I’m one of the people who just has to stay at home during all of this. I do a lot of web surfing in my downtime, just cruising for a hit of some good quality meme. Rough housing with the cat (she likes it!). TV, gardening, talking with friends and making plans for the future.

Lockdown with Kate Prior Lockdown with Kate Prior

What are your tips for keeping it sane?

Anything that offers comic relief - take little breaks to consume funny podcasts, TV shows and Tweets.

If you have the time and the resources, growing something is nice. Or taking care of your plants - remember that they need dusting!

I always feel better after chatting to friends and family.

When out and about, smile at your neighbours and stroke every cat you see.

Apply sun cream and let the smell transport you to lots of happy summer memories.

What’s getting on your last nerve?

Can I say... Myself? I’m such an irritable witch at the moment. That and our government.

Lockdown with Kate Prior

Top 5 things right now?

  1. When Daphne smells a new scent and she opens her mouth a little bit to feel it on her tiny little palate like a miniature wine connoisseur.
  2. Anything with Adam Buxton/Louis Theroux.
  3. Ogmios School Of Zen Motoring (ep 2) on YouTube.
  4. The glorious weather making things just a bit easier.
  5. My boyfriend’s tattoo of Launchpad McQuack that says ‘Everything Is Under Control’ in Italian. Its the reassurance we all need right now.

Best lockdown dinner?

Those 3 little words every girl wants to hear... ‘Breakfast For Dinner’

Got any gossip?

The gossip cup has runneth dry so I’m starting to dream my own - Prince Harry was attacked by a bald eagle the other night! I’ve been dosing cheese before bed like its a psychedelic drug.

Lockdown with Kate Prior