Autum '13 Staff Picks: Aimee

Autum '13 Staff Picks: Aimee

Now that the Autumn '13 Collection is all online, over the next fortnight we are going to be filling you in on the designs that the Lazy Oaf team will be wearing this season. This is also your chance to find out a bit more about the brains behind the brand. To kick start this week we have our Production Coordinator Aimee Kahl who's wearing the Stick Em Up Shirt and Kitty Hoop Earrings. She doesn't see what all the Miley Cyrus fuss is about. AIMEE-AUTUMN

What are you wearing from Lazy Oaf's Autumn '13?

I am wearing the Stick Em up Shirt, which is a great oversized shape and I love the bright print on the tie dyed fabric. I wear black a lot so this piece really brightens things up! And it looks awesome with black leggings or jeans. I'm also wearing my new Kitty Hoop Earrings.

Other than being our Production Coordinator, what role do you play within the Lazy Oaf office?

I definitely play the token Australian - often regaling my colleagues with tales of exotic creatures and words from Down Under. And by that I mean they are often laughing at me for the Australian things I say and I am often laughing at them when they show me a 'huge' spider in the kitchen.

What is the best bit of news you have received today?

All of our Looney Tunes styles will be here in time for the launch!!

What did the last text message you received say?

'Yeeee x' - from my friend Belinda in response to me saying that I will bring the wine on Saturday night

And are you going to reply?

No - I would say she sounds happy with my last message!

What is your honest opinion of Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMAs?

Honestly it doesn't really bother me - she looks like she was having a good time! Haters are gunna hate right?