Kiss My Ass

Kiss My Ass

This Thursday we are very excited to announce the launch of our new Spring Collection online followed by our official launch party in store next Thursday 28th February. With this in mind, today we are giving you a first look at our brand new look books so you can start making your wish lists. When designing this collection, our founder Gemma Shiel channeled two key influences - 1990s sportswear vs. the badass girl as school who always got caught smoking behind the bike sheds. Cartoon heavy and tongue-in-cheek, we have done the unexpected with a sense of humour putting hands in inappropriate places and slapping awesome texts onto slouchy sweatpants. Statement designs from the range include an embroidered bear bra in black, a handy pair of suspender-style leggings with sheer paneling and a slinky turtle neck dress covered in the classic bone print. Titled Kiss My Ass, this look book was photographed by Viktor Vauthier in the back streets and boulevards of California's Los Angeles. The look book stars LA models Chloe and Aarika with make-up by Alysha Marcantonio.

Mr and Mrs Dress

Bonio Baby Doll Top

Bear Bra with Black Circle Skirt

Heart Shorties with Bear Bra

Bear Collar Tip Shirt

Cat Suit

Cat Suit (back)

Handy Suspender Leggings

Jewel Collar Shirt

Hands Bodycon Dress and Mr and Mrs Trapeze Dress

Mr and Mrs Baseball Crop T-shirt with Red Circle Skirt and Lazy Oaf x Kickers Lazy Lite Boots.

Cat Face Long Sleeve Bodycon Top

Bones Bodycon Dress

Awesome Crop Top, Awesome Sweatpants and Awesome Beanie

Dead Inside Crop T-shirt

Oh Boy Shirt and Pineapple Slob T-shirt

Awesome Crop Top with Bones Leggings