Mathletic Watches, Lazy Cats and Sprinkly Donuts

Mathletic Watches, Lazy Cats and Sprinkly Donuts

What's the time? Time to shine with our new array of watches making sure you're never late again. These ticking treats are the latest designs to come from our Swedish friends Cheapo who previously bought us the genius Talking Watches.

Gotta get up, gotta get up, gotta get up! Never let yourself be late again with one of these slick, candy coloured watches on your arm.

Impress your friends with your speedy ability to work out sums on the spot with your very own calculator digital watch available in 4 flash colours, yum!

Are you looking to decorate your house with some nice new things? Check out our new animal tastic hooks including a lazy cat ready to be slung over your bedroom door and some magnetic bunny and cat hooks purrrfect for looking after your keys.

Mmm I spy a tasty treat - our new selection of little softy key rings ready to pimp up any phone, bag or key set. Designs include sprinkly chocolate and strawberry doughnuts and a super summery banana.

It's soooooooo hot, long live the British summer, air con and a good 99 ice cream with plenty of chocolate and raspberry sauce and that all important flake.