These are Totes Amaze!

These are Totes Amaze!

If there is one accessory in life that everyone must have then it is the tote bag because it just has so many uses. You can throw your school books in it and save yourself having to lug around a rucksack. Or squeeze your gym kit into it rather than using that old carrier bag again. Or save the planet and use it to store all of your food shopping. So to show our appreciation to this multifunctional bag we have three brand new designs to wet your appetite.

Nice pins! That's what the crowds will shout when you wear this new tote bag. Because if there is one pair of shoes that the people at Lazy Oaf studios continue to go mad for then it is a fine pair of loafers so what better place to throw them then on a bag for all to see.

All of our lives the world has tried to convince us that rainbows are amazing magical wonders leading to pots of gold but essentially all they are is an indication it has been raining. So wear this tote bag and don't be afraid to tell the world that Rainbows are Shit. This tote was designed by London based illustrator Richard Fairhead and we fell in love at first site.

As any Lazy Oaf follower out there will know, we simply can't get enough of fast food! Unfortunately it isn't wise to eat it all of the time so satisfy your needs with this French Fries tote bag instead!

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