You're Kinda Lazy Looking

You're Kinda Lazy Looking

Posted by: Jerry

As a small, independent label, us Oaf girls still can't help but get a little bit excited when we spot members of the general public walking around the streets in Lazy Oaf designs. You are a creative lot out there and seem to have a knack for styling our stuff up in your own special way. So here is a blog to pay tribute to just some of the gems we have come across online.

Leaping for joy in the Skull Dress posted by Thaïs Coupet Saissi on

The Skull Dress given a sultry edge when worn with desert boots, posted by Capucine Z on

Oh wow! Check out this amazing Spring/Summer look book shoot that one of our fave stockists Kakkoiiiro from Belgium did. How good does the Luke Best T-shirt look tucked into the Mini Skirt beside the French Fries Tote Bag, and of course the Leopard Single T-shirt looking a little bit saucy on a sandy beach?!

Feel like you were on the shoot too by watching the behind the scenes video here.

Loving the slick and simple approach to our Mini Skirt posted by Serena S on

Can't get enough of this photo featuring the Spaced Out T-shirt and Rosy Bear Sweatshirt, not to mention the Amazine being used as a disguise. This was posted on our Facebook page by Johanna Tagada.

Man how I wished I'd bagged one of these Heart Cuffs after seeing it worn so well by Stéphanie P on

We are totally hot on these photos taken by our Swedish stockists Mahoyo - how good does the Dawg cap look accompanied with the models enviable amber hair?

And totally digging the Eyes on You Necklace worn so well with this Hellz Bellz jacket.

Liking the aqua look of our Flat Top T-shirt modeled by Joe Bates for a shoot by Lilly Hughes posted on our Facebook page.

It is not everyday we get to see Lazy Oaf designs fashioned up for a catwalk so we were particularly excited when stylist Alexis Knox featured Supersize Me (sold out) and Crayon Dots in London's Clothes Show Live fashion show. Anyone else spotted that tasty ice cream bag pictured on the right?

Thanks to all of you who wear our designs so well and if you have anymore to add to the collection then don't hesitate in emailing them to us at and maybe next time you will be on here too.