G.E.M is back for a seventh edition, with nine new pieces by our founder Gemma Shiel. With influences from Riot Grrrl, rebellion and 90s nostalgia, the collection is Gem’s exploration and subversion of femininity through shapes, attitude and an amplification of her creative signature.



“Gem for me is the opportunity to explore and play around with different shapes, creating something that is my own interpretation of feminine energies, taking inspiration from my teenage years and being not-quite-comfortable with traditional femininity; the G.E.M collection acknowledges that feeling, and celebrates femininity by trashing it and subverting it.” - Gem


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The hero piece from the collection is this acid green dress, which is purposefully oversized and based on those childhood moments where you’d wander into your parents’ wardrobe and pull out the biggest frock you could find. It’s the party dress you’d beg your parents to buy you, that goes equally well with your grubbiest trainers and a massive graphic tee underneath, or worn alone with your ‘special occasions only’ shoes.