Brand & Editorial Copywriter

Brand & Editorial Copywriter

Role: Brand & Editorial Copywriter

Contract: Full-time

Start Date: ASAP

Location: London

In 2001, Lazy Oaf was birthed into the world by Gemma Shiel, into a North London garage specifically, before taking its first tentative steps out in public at a market stall in Spitalfields alongside some old pornos because you know, sex sells?

Fast forward 20 years and we've survived floods, fires and a global pandemic. We have two stores in London and over a million strong community of loyal fans and customers from around the globe.

As a brand, Lazy Oaf celebrate the not normal in all of us. We have a wry sense of humour and we like to take risks and carve our own path. We do what feels right to us and don't march to anyone else's tune.

Our focus now is all about storytelling, making sure that who we are and what we stand for is understood by all that come into contact with us and that’s why we are looking to hire a competent, story-led culture & lifestyle writer to join our creative team to take on the responsibility of creating and curating all our written brand content. Someone with a wry sense of humour who shares our values and can unify our copy across all channels to ensure we're speaking with one clear voice.

The right candidate will be a creative and strategic thinker with an appreciation of how multi-channel messaging comes together to create a powerful and cohesive brand experience. They will need to demonstrate a broad experience and skillset across editorial copywriting and journalism in the lifestyle & culture sector - food art music design.

We want what we have to say to engage and excite our customer, to feel relevant to our audience as well as true to our slightly offbeat lo-fi approach to life, values, interests and sense of humour.


    • Quickly build a strong understanding of the brand and learn it’s personality and approach following Gemma's vision and direction.

    • Aid us to create our version of a tone of voice guide to sit within our new brand guidelines that that feel’s on brand, connects with our sideways glance at life and can be shared both internally and externally to partners and collaborators.

    • Ensure all copy across all our channels (website, app, socials, newsletters) fits with that tone of voice from tag lines to product descriptions through to presentations and everything in between.

    • Reviewing and re editing any existing written content providing a re-fresh and consistency across our written touch points.

    • Own our editorial storytelling on our blog section of our site Oafworld, ensuring there is a consistent flow of engaging content that supports our collections and collaborations and also tells the story of the brand.

    • Find stories and angles to our collections and our brand that engage, intrigue and delight our current audience and keep them coming back while also bringing in new audiences.

    • Seeking and commissioning other written contributors to our Oafworld platform as and when appropriate.

    • Carry that through to our social copy, press releases and newsletters, working cross-functionally with the digital and social marketing teams to make sure we're speaking with one voice.

    • Form a key part of our creative team, generate content ideas, pitch and execute written content in line with and supportive to other creative activity.

    • Manage, plan and execute written content workflow alongside our broadcast plans, upcoming projects and other briefs. Ensuring draft copy is presented for sign offs and final edits are delivered in ample time for use.

  • Attend and actively participate in regular weekly creative content meetings, alongside design, digital and buying departments.


    • A proven track record of creating various content with experience in commercial and editorial roles 3+ years.

    • Strong understanding and control of language

    • Conversational relaxed style

    • Culturally literate

    • Curious and creative approach

    • A love of the obscure

    • Wry sense of humour

    • Stellar research skills

    • An intuitive understanding of people

    • The ability to create newness from old stories or to say the same thing in a variety of different ways

    • Ability to work to deadlines and hit targets

    • Strong internal and external communication skills

    • Self-driven and strong initiative

    • The ability to write engaging copy at a fast pace to tight deadlines

    • A team player who can turn their hand to any challenge that comes their way.

    • Warmth and an empathy for the customer is essential with a twist of commercial objectives.

    • Impeccable spelling and grammar.

    • A vested interest in contemporary culture, style, streetwear and fashion, creativity and trash tv talk.

    • Experience of content planning & the ability to drive ideas forward.

    • An understanding of KPI’s and confidence to report back results to a wider team audience including senior management.

  • Someone who is going to deliver the unexpected just when we didn’t think we needed it, but really we did.

How to Apply:

Please send us an email telling us a bit about you and why Oaf, include your CV and any links to a digital portfolio to with the subject title ‘Brand & Editorial Copywriter’.



We have an irreverent and wry sense of humour and take a sideways glance at life, celebrating the not-normal in all of us.


We are non-conformist, unconventional and brave and we trust our gut to tell us what's right for us. We dance to our own tune.


It’s at the heart of everything we do. It’s both what we are and our style of approach. We are born from creativity and it’s the beating heart of the brand.


We are a resilient independent female-led business with the freedom and conviction to carve our own path and dance to our own tune


We build and nurture our own creative culture, communities and network through collaboration


We are community conscious, supportive and representative both internally and externally. We are proud of our diverse workplace and do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, race or sexual orientation.


We limit our negative impact from concept through to launch on the environment and all those involved. We champion Social Responsibility, and we do no harm