Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Laurie Vincent & Daisy Parris

We’ve hand selected and briefed five artists to create a piece of original artwork that explores links between creativity and mental health which could be based on their personal experiences. We then used their creations to build and design a mini collection that showcases their talent. The artwork on the clothing aims to encourage people to start a conversation and open up about mental health.

Laurie Vincent is an artist based in Kent and one half of new band LARRY PINK THE HUMAN. Daisy Parris is a London based artist who paints colourful textured oil paintings.The two met at University and a few years later started collaborating in their shared studio. Their work is bold, expressive and uses powerful cultural references and links to inner thoughts.

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Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Laurie Vincent & Daisy Parris

Can you explain to us why you wanted to support the Time To Change campaign with this collection?

It is a great cause and also it is a dream come true to collaborate with one of my all-time favourite brands.

Can you tell us a bit about the design you created & how you came up with it?

The design is based on a painting we did back in 2018 called ‘Yesterday, Tomorrow but Never Today’. We are big dreamers and think about the past, future and our place in the world a lot. It’s difficult to stay present in such a fast-paced, brutal world. Often we work with simplified motifs, shapes, colours and compositions as a way of starting conversations about more complex things.

Has creativity provided an outlet for you during lockdown?

Daisy: it’s been essential. I was drawing at home a lot in the beginning. It was really difficult to adapt and feel like the work I was making was good enough but looking back at it now I’m proud of what I’ve achieved during this strange time.

Laurie: It is. I have been writing a lot of music. Since lockdown softened I've also been able to get into the studio a bit to record some songs. I also made a whole bunch of drawings which went into the animation video for a recent single I put out - (Might Delete Later - Larry Pink The Human). More recently though my creativity has turned to interior design, as I just moved into a new house.

Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Laurie Vincent & Daisy Parris

Can you tell us a bit about your personal experience of mental health and creativity?

Daisy: I’ve always relied on the creative process to help heal or come to terms with anything I’m going through. The two go hand in hand for me and it’s so important to have an outlet to reflect on things. It essential for my practice and my survival.

Laurie: I often find that having a creative outlet is my main mechanism to release the internal angst I feel on a day to day basis. It is also a place I can explore thoughts and feelings almost semi-consciously, whether it is a song or a painting I feel like I almost switch into autopilot, thoughts and ideas just flow out of me. For me, it is so important to have this outlet to keep my head straight. The positive impact it has on my mental health is very noticeable. If I go too long without creating, I really notice a decline in my own mental health. I can feel restless, agitated or down for no obvious reason.

Why do you think it is so important to keep opening up conversation and talking about mental health issues?

Because it's normal. Most, if not all, of us, have these thoughts (to varying degrees). If we open up the conversation and show each other how we all really feel, it will go a long way to help us break the stigma. So many people suffer in silence. You never know what people are going through. So if you feel safe enough to talk about things, this brings about so much visibility and awareness for those who may be suffering in silence. It’s so important to feel like you’re not alone.

What kind of attitudes would you like change surrounding mental health?

We would like it to be taken more seriously and for people to be mindful and kind to others. We would just like to see a lot more kindness and compassion in general from everyone. All of us are joy humans, we are all in this together. Every single one of us holds such great power, we can use it to make the world a much happier place. Please ask your friends if they're okay and tell them if you aren't.

Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Laurie Vincent & Daisy Parris
Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Laurie Vincent & Daisy Parris Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Laurie Vincent & Daisy Parris