Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Manjit Thapp

We’ve hand selected and briefed five artists to create a piece of original artwork that explores links between creativity and mental health which could be based on their personal experiences. We then used their creations to build and design a mini collection that showcases their talent. The artwork on the clothing aims to encourage people to start a conversation and open up about mental health.

Manjit Thapp is an illustrator from Birmingham. She graduated with a BA in illustration from Camberwell College of Arts. She merges traditional techniques with digital media to create a unique aesthetic. Her illustrations are made up of layered textures and patterns and portray a conscious focus on equal representation and diversity.


Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Manjit Thapp Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Manjit Thapp

Can you explain to us why you wanted to support the Time To Change campaign with this collection?

I loved that one of the themes of the campaign was looking at the link between creativity and mental health as I could relate to it personally. I also think keeping the conversation going and bringing awareness to mental health is incredibly important.

Can you tell us a bit about the design you created & how you came up with it?

To express certain feelings in my work I use a lot of imagery and symbols that relate to nature and so the illustrations featured in this design are inspired by that. I wanted to draw images about feeling ‘blue’ because when I’m feeling this way I often to turn to my art to help me get out of it.

Has creativity provided an outlet for you during lockdown?

Definitely! The beginning of lockdown I was completely burnt out with everything going on and struggled even being creative but slowly got back into it and it really helped keep my mind busy and engaged. I find I’m happiest when making art.

Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Manjit Thapp

Can you tell us a bit about your personal experience of mental health and creativity?

Often times getting lost in a drawing can help me if I’m feeling anxious or stressed because it gives something else for my mind to busy itself with. For me, creating artwork is a way of expressing feelings and moods. Through sharing them online and having others identify and relate to them is a reminder to myself that they are universal.

Why do you think it is so important to keep opening up conversation and talking about mental health issues?

There is something about knowing that you are not alone in your feelings and struggles that is so comforting. There is sadly still a such a stigma about mental health, especially in certain communities, so keeping the conversation open helps educate and inform.

Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Manjit Thapp
Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Manjit Thapp Lazy Oaf x Time to Change | Manjit Thapp