Chrissie Vs French

Artists Chrissie Abbott and Richard ‘French’ Sayer are members of the Oaf family who we have worked with on amazing video content for our Gem collections & Oaf TV (Chrissie) and nostalgic grunge graphics for our 2001 collection (French), they also happen to be married. We’ve switched up the format of our Artist’s feature this time and asked Chrissie & French to answer for each other giving a bit of an insight into their creative world, how life in lockdown has been for them & what’s been their guilty pleasures over the past year!

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Chrissie introduce French / French introduce Chrissie...

French: Chrissie is an amazing artist, illustrator, Designer, art director and all round excellent human.

Chrissie: French is a multi talented artist, business owner, Dungeon meister, wonder-being.

TV shows one of you loves the other can’t stand?

French: We actually really like the same TV shows, especially reality TV and Serial Killer Doco’s. But I love action movies and Chrissie isn’t so hyped when I want to watch stuff like ‘Expendables’ or a new Steven Segal movie.

Chrissie: One of the things that made me realise that French was the one, is that he was happy to watch all the absolute trash that I was previously embarrassed to admit that I liked. It started with the Kardashians and then devolved into Big Rich Texas, remember that?

Chrissie Vs French Chrissie Vs French Chrissie Vs French

What were you like in 2001? / What music were you into?

French: Pretty much exactly the same as I am now, I think I’m still wearing the same metal t-shirts and I think I have some socks still that I bought then too. I was listening to Metal, but I was also trying to avoid the ‘NU Metal’ sound that was still big then.

Chrissie: That time in my life is locked away in a deep dark vault in my mind. Teen angst! I do remember wearing very wide legged jeans and making mix tapes though.

Favourite lockdown snacks?

French: Chrissie’s home made Banana Bread, very cheap white chocolate, crinkle cut ready salted crisps.

Chrissie: Crisps. Anything salty!

Which soap character the other most resembles in either looks or personality?

French: Chrissie would be ‘Bouncer’ from Neighbours but way, way fluffier.

Chrissie: French would be Bart Simpson. He wears the same outfit everyday, is naughty but gets out of trouble because he’s cute. I know this isn’t a soap but hopefully I can bend the rules.

What do you most admire about each others work?

French: I really admire the depth and energy that goes into Chrissie’s work and the deep conceptual elements mixed with a good dose of humour & a brilliant understanding of colour & composition.

Chrissie: French is literally the hardest working person I know, he is so passionate about what he does and the breadth of his talent is boundless! Having a fine art background and combining that with popular / music / skate culture references makes his output really unique and refreshing.

Chrissie Vs French Chrissie Vs French Chrissie Vs French

What are each others worst habits?

French: Chrissie has no bad habits, she’s perfect.

Chrissie: Well I definitely can’t say anything bad now haha. Ok French is perfect too.

First impressions of each other when you first met?

French: She was the most perfect thing I had ever seen.

Left or right side of the bed?

French: I want whatever side Chrissie has.

Chrissie: Right for life.

Any pets?

French: Any cute pet that anyone else posts on Instagram we want as ours.

Chrissie: We have an imaginary cat called Ben.