Lazy Oaf Meets Miss Jason

Lockdown could soon be a thing of the past and that means we should probably start reacquainting ourselves with those parts of our wardrobe that haven't got a look in since the clubs shut last year.

No one is more ready for that than Miss Jason, our favourite fashion reporter known for serving up the best looks from the clubs of East London with a generous side portion of shade in his internet series Jason's Closet.

This year has been a bit different for him with no dance-floors to take over but he's been channeling that magnetic energy into fundraising for the UKQTIBIPOC Hardship Fund with Cleanin' Out My Closet (a non-profit, fashion flash-sale) and also hosting online panel talks for the likes of Show Studio.

Read on as we catch up with him on everything from the birth of Miss Jason to style icons and home improvements below.

Photographs provided by Miss Jason


Tell us about Miss Jason and how and when she first appeared on the scene

Of course! Miss Jason was born in the club, back when I used to scream on the mic (MC) at the famed east London club night PDA. At first, it was just a name my friends would call me when I was feeling sassy.

Lazy Oaf was born in 2001, What were you wearing and listening to around that time? On that same subject, describe your favourite iconic catwalk look of the early 00’s?

Hmm, 2001? I was probably wearing all the best fashions from the Haus of Comber Grove, (my primary school) haha. I can't say I remember having much of a sense of style back then but just knew I really loved frills, tulle, silks, taffeta and all things of that nature, I was in love with costume. Even now, when I look back it makes so much sense that my favourite Iconic runway presentation is Christian Dior FW 03. John Galliano is someone who gets me.

Lazy Oaf Meets Miss Jason

If you could take Jason’s Closet backstage at any event in history, what would you choose and why?

I mean it has to be Oprah Winfrey's Legends Ball (2006), honouring twenty-five African American women in art, entertainment, and civil rights. We had Janet, Chaka, Patti Labelle, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Maya Angelou dare I go on? There isn't (to me at least) a more iconic gathering than that. It's also the fact it was a Sunday brunch and service, there's something so wholesome about that, that I'd just love to bring my cameras to and film.

We are obviously all missing the rave, what would you say is your favourite clubbing moment of all time?

That is such a loaded question when you've been to some of the most elite functions of all time, However I will say some of my favourite nights have taken place in the most shabby east London basement clubs, particularly in the Dalston/Stoke Newington area.

Lazy Oaf Meets Miss Jason

What have you been wearing during lockdown?

I've legit been living in sweatpants and loungewear, I miss having a purpose to get ridiculously glammed up for!

What do you love about Lazy Oaf?

Mainly the fact the brand has remained so bold, youthful and vibrant throughout the last 20 years.

Who are your style icons past and present?

Obviously Disco maven Sylvester, Rihanna, the wonderful Miss Patti Labelle, Prince and every gender bending artiste ever.

Top 3 songs on rotation for you at the moment?

Angel - Anita Baker, Siren - Shygirl, Petrified - Mette

What will you be wearing on June 21st ?

lmao I'm probably gonna look like a mess! I'm going to want to wear everything I haven't been able to, but one thing's for sure - it definitely will be the OTT 'get up' of all 'get ups'.

What’s the first flight you’re booking when we’re out of lockdown?

Vientiane, Laos. I honestly can't stop looking a packages, such a vibrant city, not saying I need to eat anymore (due to my lockdown over intake lol) but the food looks so, so delicious, I kind of really want a pampering segment in life and I've heard it's very possible to do so there.

What changes have you made to your living space over the last year now that we’re all spending much more time at home?

Me and my housemate have basically renovated the whole flat. Boredom struck in like the second week of the first lockdown and we haven't stopped painting, sanding, sawing and so much more. It's so weird how obsessed with clinical white I am now.

Lazy Oaf Meets Miss Jason