Do Good Art Club Profile: Saucy Sez

Welcome to Do Good Art Club, our non-profit capsule collection platforming emerging artists we care about, and raising money for the causes they care about. Each artists work is featured across a limited edition collection of hero unisex styles, and 100% of the profits will be split equally between three charities; one of each artists’ choosing.

Up today we have Sez Smith aka SAUCY SEZ, who is a fine artist and graduate of Chelsea College. Sez has chosen to support The Wish Centre with this project; a charity who work with victims of domestic violence; providing support and advice as well as accommodation through the running of two refuge facilities for victims and their families in Sez’s hometown of Blackburn, UK.


Hey Sez! How are things with you?

Hiya, I’m well thanks:) Real busy and still getting used to socialising again, but I’m good!

How would you describe your artistic practice?

It’s a mixed bag of bold, in-your-face statements & questions with the softer pieces of poetry I weave into different pieces.

What mediums and topics do you explore?

The main focus of my work is words. I’m obsessed with language. So I write and from there I create paintings, zines & I also sometimes perform. I’m most interested in the topics of class, mental health & relationships. My writing tends to be an amalgamation of them all with a questioning of how they interconnect in the everyday.

Do Good Art Club Profile: Saucy Sez

We’re so excited about your capsule collection. What inspired the artworks featured on these pieces?

Me too! The painting ‘Hard as Nails, Soft as Shit’ featured on the tracksuit was a piece created with the idea of mental health & class in mind. For me growing up, we didn’t talk about our feelings, or our mental health. Having a tough exterior was expected, this very much ‘just get on it with it’ attitude. The older I’ve got I really have had to work on and come to understand the importance & value of being vulnerable. Having this outward toughness at all times can in turn become really damaging.

For the ‘BORING & SEXY!’ painting, I was really into creating works with words that caused tension visually and verbally. I think with social media & the inevitable comparison to others, we are all trying to be everything at all times. It’s impossible. We can’t have it all, or be doing it all 24/7. Boring & Sexy was my attempt at taking the piss out of this idea of perfection. It just does not exist!

Do Good Art Club Profile: Saucy Sez

Where are you looking forward to wearing them?

Everywhere. All of the time.

Who are your biggest creative heroes, and what inspiration do you take from them?

Mmm I don’t really believe in heroes. When I was younger I did for sure, but the older I get I realise putting others on pedestals is so unnecessary. I do admire people though. I love the writer Nina Cassian, she was this incredible Romanian poet. For me I love reading or experiencing a piece of work that can bring some light to something; a topic or a discussion that can question the audience. I want art to be challenging & beautiful all at the same time. Nina Cassian does that for me.

Do Good Art Club Profile: Saucy Sez
"I want my work to allow others to know they aren’t the only ones questioning certain things. I also hope it allows others to laugh at the absurdity of life at times! "

Tell us a bit more about the charity you chose, and why they’re so close to your heart?

I wanted to choose a charity back home because I know how it is living outside of London in places that sometimes feel forgotten about. When you live outside of London, it feels as though everything is just directed to London. You can feel voiceless. I have known of The Wish Centre for a while, and I know how vital they are in the work that they do. They provide refuge centres and support plans for those having experienced or experiencing domestic abuse. This subject is close to my heart as family members, friends & myself included have experienced domestic abuse to some degree. I still do not think we are talking about it enough as a society.

What is the creative process like for you? Do you find making art calming, chaotic or cathartic?

All three. It depends on what I’m working on that day. What I do know is that my creative process is really vital to my wellbeing. It allows me to understand the world in new & different ways.

Do Good Art Club Profile: Saucy Sez

What do you hope your artwork will do for others?

I hope it gives others a sense of feeling less alone. I hope people read & see my work and relate to it in some way. I want my work to allow others to know they aren’t the only ones questioning certain things. I also hope it allows others to laugh at the absurdity of life at times!

How can people support both your work and your chosen charity?

If you want to support my work then go follow my instagram @saucysez There you will find all my work & links to things I’m up to, as well as pieces for sale. And to support The Wish Centre, you can buy the collection with all the proceeds going to them, or you can go donate straight to them at their website

What are you looking forward to from the coming year?

I’m currently writing for a new project that will be announced sometime next year. I can’t wait to paint more, do more shows & hopefully go on a holiday!

Do Good Art Club Profile: Saucy Sez