La Vie De Marie Interview

We first discovered Maria on our tagged pictures on Instagram. It was hard not to notice a well styled feed that also happened to have a sheep in. On first sight we had so many questions, we needed to know more about Maria and who we now know as Sun the sheep. We wanted to share a little insight into Maria’s world with a small interview where she has been incredibly open and honest about her life, her creative journey and how her relationship with her fluffy fwiend helps her.

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Your studio looks amazing, and we love your photoshoots, where do you go to get inspired?
I was born and have always lived in a small town surrounded by nature with my family. I live at my grandparent's house, they work in meat industry and I am the only vegan in the family. I’m really inspired by nature and renaissance art, I love to create and live in a world full of fantasy so i'm always trying to create my own to escape from reality. During quarantine I created a small studio near the farm and animal's so I am able to continue my utopic world there by myself..

2020 has been an intense year, what does creativity mean to you and has it helped you deal with lockdown?
2020 has been a really challenging year, since 2014 my life is been chaotic because of my mental health and family problems.
This year I’ve taken my work to Instagram and Youtube, where I hope to find some brands to collaborate with. Quarantine has made me realise that all I like to do is create; ceramics, painting, styling and creating utopian photos so I hope to be able make money from doing what I love.
Lockdown has meant I have spent a lot of time by myself and reflected about who I am and who I want to be; as a person aspiring to be an artist and as a person struggling with eating disorders and mental health. I have started to accept myself, listen to my soul and create with no limits. Since my sheep was born, my life has changed a lot, I feel less lonely and way more connected with nature.

La Vie De Marie Interview La Vie De Marie Interview La Vie De Marie Interview

Your sheep! We have so many questions, but let’s start with his/her name & how you ended up with a pet sheep?
My sheep’s name is Sun, when I decided her name I didn't think too much about it but now that I think about it, I realise I gave her that name because she was the light I needed at that time. She was born at my grandparent’s farm and would have been used for meat but her mother didn’t accept her after she was born because she had a disability. She used to have spasms and she didn't know how to walk (I taught her how to walk). The vets said that she would never walk like the other sheep. But I always believed she could, so I started taking care of her, giving her food and milk. I started bringing her up to my room without my family seeing and now we have created a connection, she thinks I am her mother now hahah <3

What’s her favourite snack? Do you have any top tips for training sheep?
She loves to eat bananas and lots of fruits. I used to gave her a lot of different and fancy food without my family seeing ahhahah. I love to create fruit salads and beautiful meals with vegetables for her when I have time. I’ve taught her her to walk by my side on the street and everyday we go on long walks. She always walks by side even if someone tries to give her food she doesn't leave. Sometimes she asks for food with her leg.

La Vie De Marie Interview La Vie De Marie Interview

We first came across you in the Lazy Oaf tags, what’s your favourite thing about LO?
Oh Lazy Oaf has always my favourite brand since I was 15 because I love that every collection is so different and unique and is not fast fashion. I have always loved to be colorful and I try to be as unique as possible. I try to only wear really colourful, comfortable and original pieces made with love. The first time I tried on a Lazy Oaf piece, my heart started to beat so fast because I felt myself, like never before, it was such a great feeling <3

Do you have anything upcoming/any artwork that you’d like to share?
Oh I love to create in so many ways: ceramics, painting, making earring's, doing photoshoots by myself, creating a fantasy world through clothes. One of my dreams is to create a collection of clothes and to live full-time creating, I think that’s my main goal <3

La Vie De Marie Interview La Vie De Marie Interview La Vie De Marie Interview La Vie De Marie Interview