Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World

Trippin World is a dreamy digital distraction of ours, especially when we want to imagine ourselves escaping to a different country for a hot minute. The independent platform connects travel, culture and creativity through the lens of their community to uncover stories that are found at the intersection of social and cultural boundaries.

We caught up with co-founders Sam and Kesang while staying at the legendary Pikes in Ibiza on all things Trippin, dodgy hotels and their favourite hidden gems.

Hey Sam and Kesang! As creatives, Trippin is definitely our go-to when we are in need of some tips and recommendations for our next trip. What was it that you felt was missing from the travel world that led you to set up Trippin?

Kesang: Trippin was the result of a facebook group we set up because we couldn't source any trusted recommendations online. Nothing in the travel space represented the type of travel we cared and were passionate about.

Sam: yeah, it was all about finding a way to authentically get beneath the surface of a destination and tap into the power of local narratives. We knew that only then is it possible to experience life like a local and travel with respect and purpose. So we created Trippin.

What is your absolute favourite place to visit and why?

Kesang: Jamaica. Growing up in England you are privileged to experience and be surrounded by so much of Jamaican culture. From the music we listen to, to the food we eat.

Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World

Going back to the island makes you feel like you're going back to the source of something familiar which you love and respect, only it’s way more turned up. There’s always so much more to discover and experience. Check out our guides to Jamaica - my favourite is Sean Paul’s.

Sam: Mexico. Anyone who knows me personally is probably bored of hearing about it. The people, the food, the colours, the nature, the creativity … I could list reasons all day.

Where’s next on your green list when we get back to travelling normality?

Kesang: Morocco. I’ve never been and I’ve been dying to do a road trip from Marbella to the Atlas Mountains.

What's the Dodgiest hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

Sam: I once stayed in a hotel in Berlin which had a certain type of stains on the ceiling and stank of stale cigarettes. I’m not sure the word dodgy does it justice.

Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World

Kesang: I was on a road trip from Vancouver to California where we stopped at night to stay at a remote motel somewhere in Washington State. Literally this motel was the only thing on the road for MILES. There were ancient cobwebs and weird taxidermy everywhere

Your top 5 hotels?

Sam & Kesang:
Musa for remote paradise.
El Fenn for a dose of boujiness.
The Standard London for the cultural programming.
Pikes for poolside cocktails.
Madonna Inn for the settings.

Which are some of your favourite Trippin World features/ guides?

Kesang: They’re all incredible, but some of my personal favourites are from our community out in Bali. We have around 8 guides to the island from local and indigenous creatives from Bali and it’s sick to see a different side and lens to an island which is populated by a lot of other narratives.

Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World

Sam: Really hard to pick but some of the London food guides are up there. We’ve got the likes of Benji B and D Double E giving recommendations alongside Michelin star chefs. Can’t go wrong tbh.

What does a normal day look like for you?

Sam: Early rise, coffee, exercise, hustle, cook, sleep.

Kesang: Same but only include the exercise on my good days haha

Favourite lunch spot?

Sam: Kaffa on Gillet Sq in Dalston for that Ethiopian goodness. If I’m in London, you’ll find me here 3 times a week.

Kesang: House of Momo for that Tibetan and Nepalese good good

Dream room service meal?

Kesang: Local street food or an egg & sausage muffin if i'm hungover.

Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World

Your favourite hidden gem of London?

Kesang: Vintage Market called ‘So Last Century’ which takes place in Beckenham Palace Mansion, SE London. It’s one of my favourite places to find vintage furniture and clothes. They also have a lake where you can go wild swimming after you’ve copped your designer lamp!

Coffee or cocktails? And where do you go for both?

Kesang: Both! A good mezcal margarita can be found at Hacha Bar & my favourite coffee is from Melo Cafe which is right next to our office.

Sam: : I’m on an alcohol free tip atm so caffeine is my fix. Holy Shot on Bethnal Green Rd know how to do a proper Long Black.

Your flights delayed, who would you want to be stuck in the airport with?

Kesang: Dave Chappelle or the Dalai Lama - haha or maintaining a spiritual mindset are the only two things that would get me through a delayed flight

Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World Lazy Oaf Interview: Trippin World

Apart from the obvious, what are your essentials that you take on every trip?

Kesang: Factor 100 sun cream. Sliders. A good book and some pre downloaded podcasts. Sleepy essential oils.

Sam: My USBs as always gotta be ready to jump on and drop a couple bangers if you find yourself in a likkle vibe.