Lockdown with Marcus Oakley

Meet Marcus, an artist and illustrator currently based in Dunfermline, Scotland, who creates playful figurative and abstract works that celebrate the everyday observations and experiences with a touch of folklore and mythology. Marcus is one of our Oaf Collaborators and you can see his illustrations in some of our new prints featured in the Trash and Treasure collection.

Lockdown with Marcus Oakley Lockdown with Marcus Oakley

What started you on your path to illustration?

In 1996 I graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a degree in Fine Art & Graphic design. I studied many aspects of Art and Design. Including Type Setting & Letter Press, Typography, Silkscreening, Video Art, Book Making, Conceptual Art, Painting, Illustration & Graphic design.

After graduation, I thought it would be a good idea to work in a design studio. I was fortunate after two months of graduating and three rigorous interviews to be offered a position as a T-shirt & Textile designer for the British fashion Brand Paul Smith.

It was a fascinating company to work for and I learned so much about working in the creative industries. After three years of literally designing hundreds & hundreds of t-shirt and textile designs, I decided to leave and pursue a career as a Graphic Artist and to spend more time on my personal art practice.

Since 2000 I have worked on a broad range of projects including book illustration, products, textile design, and packaging. I’m really interested in the fuzzy and foggy overlap of illustration in Art and Design, continuously learning that drawing has the potential to be anything and interpreted into anything. Constantly Thinking and more thinking, daydreaming and imaginative Drifting / Making and more making/ drawing and even more drawing!

What’s your favourite creation or project?

I don’t have a specific favourite, I’m constantly striving to live a creative life making things everyday inspired by my curiosity either through drawing, painting, 3-D and occasionally making rubbish lo-fi music - listen on Soundcloud

Lockdown with Marcus Oakley Lockdown with Marcus Oakley

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had?

When I was child used to have a recurring dream of a rocks tumbling down a mountain, the rocks for some reason were made out of polystyrene and they were size of a pinhead? This dream was strange and rather confusing, I still have no idea what that was all about?

Your most treasured Item?

I have many treasured Item items some for emotional and other for aesthetic reasons. They are all important to me in different ways some have a practical use and others just sit on shelves and mantelpieces inertly. Around my house I have lots of pebbles and rocks which I enjoy picking up feeling there heavy earth vibes.

Tell us about a gift you got that went straight in the trash.

Ha! That is top secret.

Have you ever collected anything? If so, what and why?

As a child I collected Smurfs, fossils and rocks, For many years I have collected postcards and recently Royal Mail Commemorative stamps specifically made between 1960 - 1990. I started collecting stamps as liked the idea of collecting something really small and Commemorative stamps from the 20th century are truly amazing pieces of design.

Trashiest TV you love to watch?

I like to go High / Middle and occasionally Low brow with my T.V. viewings. I love watching all the really weird random stuff on you can find on Youtube.

Lockdown with Marcus Oakley Lockdown with Marcus Oakley