Meet The Oaf Mega Fans

We don’t wanna brag, but we’re kinda a big deal. At least, we are to these two. Let’s meet the legends, Pav and Victoria, who have been backing us for many moons and building Lazy Oaf collections that would send Depop into a frenzy. And such is their dedication to the world of Oaf, one of them even has our side eye logo tattooed on their leg. The rest of you better up your game...


Hiya Pav! Tell us who you are, and where you are located right now?

I’m Paviel. I’m just a normal guy, living in London. I’m a painter decorator. I’m in Hampstead. We’ve got a garage here with our tools and stuff. Many customers live around here.

What are the important things we need to know about you?

I’m a nice guy, let’s start there. I moved to London ten years ago. I was living in a small city in Slovakia, 80,000 population. There was a skate shop in the town, I worked there for ten years. I was always into the brands. My role was to order the stock a year before we’d sell it to customers, so I was wearing new collections all the time.

Meet The Oaf Mega Fans Meet The Oaf Mega Fans Meet The Oaf Mega Fans

Where and how did you first discover Lazy Oaf?

About eight, nine years ago. My friend from Slovakian loved the brand. At that time Lazy Oaf didn’t ship to Slovakia so any time she saw a new collection she’d send me a link and ask me to go to the shop. I was sending her packages and I started buying stuff as well.

What is it about us that resonated with you?

I like colours. Everything is colourful, right? I’m quite a difficult person, even when I was working in the skate shop, I was very… one brand. I didn’t mix different brands. My collection is everything from one brand. I only have to go to one shop. I like the fabric, all the collections are different, the sizes really fit me. I’m really happy, I’m not wearing anything else.

Meet The Oaf Mega Fans Meet The Oaf Mega Fans Meet The Oaf Mega Fans

What was the first thing you ever bought and where did you get it?

I’m not a fan of buying online so I would go to the shop on Ganton Street. I was being paid weekly so I spent my money in the shop every Friday. The first thing I bought would have been a long-sleeve shirt with a nice pattern. I can’t remember which one.

What would you design if you were our Creative Director?

That’s a hard one. My mum always told me, you should be a designer because what you want to wear – it doesn’t exist. Maybe I’d design pants, trousers.


Hi Victoria! Introduce yourself to the gang.

I’m 49, mum of five, five grandchildren. I’m colourful. I used to be a PA for a retired GP and I still look after her cities and in the evening I clean a cement factory to pay for my shopping.

What might someone notice about you?

My hair. Tattoos. I’m covered. My boobs and my bum are the only things that are not tattooed. I don’t like to be like anyone else.

Where and how did you encounter Lazy Oaf?

Cheryl Cole, Batman dress.

What was it about the brand that resonated with you?

I liked it because no-one else was wearing it, not anywhere I would be. It’s independent. I’m not a follower.

Meet The Oaf Mega Fans Meet The Oaf Mega Fans Meet The Oaf Mega Fans

Any all-time favourite items?

There’s a few. G.E.M Poodle Dress, that’s a go-to dress. Pink love heart trousers. I’ve got four or five items that I’ve got into two sizes because I’ve put on weight, lost weight and I wouldn’t get rid of it once it doesn’t fit.

What would you design if you were a Creative Director?

Dresses. Trousers. It wouldn’t all be pink, but maybe pastel. Shoes. They do collaborations, Dr Martens, Kickers, Melissa, but they haven’t done their own whole shoe.

Meet The Oaf Mega Fans Meet The Oaf Mega Fans Meet The Oaf Mega Fans