The Art of Tarot - A Conversation with Kassy and Dayna

Hold the phone. We’re getting a message from a higher being. Hmm… ok, it’s coming through. It’s from a spirit goddess, she sends her love, and she says you should think about trying tarot. And to get you started on your tarot journey, here’s a conversation between our very own Kassy (Buying and Merch) and Dayna (Oaf Support) who both live it and love it.

D: How did you get into tarot?

K: I’ve always wanted to learn, and then the second lockdown came about. I got a tarot card reading by Lucy Porter, who says “the tarot is a mirror of our unconscious beliefs at the time the card is being pulled,” and in my reading she said that I would be interested in alternate learning, she specifically said shamanism which was a bit overwhelming at the time. I had previously bought a tarot deck and had been meaning to learn so thought this was an opportunity and I did! How did you start?

D: It was on my radar for a while, and then one day I just had a moment where I felt like I had a message to go and buy tarot cards, so I listened. It just came to me. So I bought the tarot, and it kind of coincided with your story, and then we went together and did Lucy’s lockdown tarot school.

The Art of Tarot - A Conversation with Kassy and Dayna

K: That was amazing. That course was so comprehensive and it really helped with that sense of overwhelm at learning something new - having someone to guide you and break down the different levels helped me to interpret better once I knew what the meanings of the cards were. I’m so pleased we did that together.

D: Yeah, me too. It made so much more sense when she broke down the pack, explaining the major arcana, minor arcana, and the four suits which are numbered and linked to numerology! It’s also just such an intuitive practice, so once you’re in touch with your intuition it feels so much easier.

K: There are a lot of levels to it as well. And like with anything, you have to have a lot of interest in the learning process. But, you also need to be prepared for it mentally because you really need to feel into it, be in a nice calm space, and want to learn about all the different things. It’s really rewarding too. It makes you stop and look inward, and helps you connect to yourself, and makes you look at parts of yourself that you wouldn’t consider in your everyday life.

The Art of Tarot - A Conversation with Kassy and Dayna
The Art of Tarot - A Conversation with Kassy and Dayna

D: I agree. It’s been beneficial for our friendship too. I like how when we sit down together and pull cards it forces us to discuss things that we’re going through in our lives, that maybe we wouldn’t usually talk about. So on a friendship level you get to know each other better. It really helps with vulnerability. It’s just a really reflective practice.

K: I’ve learnt that during really heavy parts of your life I shouldn’t pull or rely on cards so much, because I tend to catastrophize a situation if I read into the cards too much. So I use them monthly, on a full moon, and I’m quite gentle with them.

D: Yeah, it’s quite ritualistic. It can also be used as a tool alongside your daily habits and rituals, if you have them, to help with self care and self awareness. For me, I pull four cards on the first day of my period, for the four phases of my cycle. I also pull if I have a major life decision to make, I have a lot of trust in them.

The Art of Tarot - A Conversation with Kassy and Dayna

K: It can even be small things to help direct you throughout the day if you need support.

D: Yes! They’re a great support when I'm dating haha. Have you ever pulled cards for your friends?

K: Yes. But I don’t like it because I can’t distance myself from the friendship enough and I just get really tempted to tell them what they want to hear. You’ve got great stories about pulling for other people though right?

D: I like pulling for friends. But it depends on whether they’re already into tarot. Also, when I was in Mexico I was sitting in a cafe and I was shuffling my cards about, and a waiter came along and asked me “what are they?” And I said “tarot cards,” so he sits down and asks, “can you pull mine?!” I told him “I’ve never done this for a stranger,” and anyway I pulled for him and he said I was bang on and he said it helped him so much. Then he ran into the kitchen and told all his colleagues, and then one colleague came running out and asked me to pull for her. She was in a situation where she had been offered a job in LA for a fashion brand that she loved, but her boyfriend didn’t want her to go. I was thinking “fucking GO” and when I pulled the cards and they basically advised her like “LEAVE HIM.” And I thought yaaas!

The Art of Tarot - A Conversation with Kassy and Dayna
The Art of Tarot - A Conversation with Kassy and Dayna

K: Yeah, always leave him.

D: I went back to the same cafe right before I left and the waitress said “I’m going to LA.” It was a success story for tarot.

K: That’s such a good story. You just can’t argue with the cards.

D: They will always tell you what you need to hear. Regardless of what you want to hear. I really want to keep learning about it, and deepening my intuition. And understanding more about numerology. And also astrology, but that’s a lot to unpack.

K: We’re busy gals. See I’m so curious too about past life regression, like “who was she in 1404?” I find past life regression really interesting. That’s next on my list.

The Art of Tarot - A Conversation with Kassy and Dayna