Two Lost Kids

Meet Thali and Gabi, two sisters from Curitiba in Brazil, known together as Two Lost Kids for their creative and bizarre self produced content.

What we love about their work are the odd narratives and their unique aesthetic so we teamed up with them to see how they would bring to life our anti-valentines, valentines collection: Bear With Me.

The result was a ‘How Two Get a Valentine’ video, full of questionable tips and creepy, slightly obsessive suggestions of how to make someone fall in love with you and well... it worked on us!

Check out the BTS of the shoot and get to know a little more about our new favourite sisters below. To give it a twist we asked them each to answer for the other sister, so lets see how well they know each other...

Two Lost Kids Two Lost Kids

Thali has to answer:

What’s Gabi’s favourite snack?

What’s Gabi’s most used emoji?

What was the last film Gabi watched?
Probably one that she already watched many times

What’s Gabi’s go to Karaoke song?
She doesn’t really like to sing Karaoke

What’s Gabi’s favourite drink?

Who’s Gabi’s celeb crush?

What’s Gabi’s favourite day of the week?

Who was the last person Gabi texted?
Me, because I annoy her the whole day

What is Gabi’s favourite animal?
Not a spider haha

What is Gabi’s Favourite TV programme at the moment?
Any serial killer series

Two Lost Kids Two Lost Kids

Gabi has to answer:

What’s Thali's favourite snack?

What song did Thali last listen to?
Something from still woozy probably

Thali’s favourite item of clothing?
A cute dress

What’s Thali’s favourite colour?
She probably can’t decide

Where did Thali last go on holiday?
To the beach, we were all together

What’s Thali’s favourite thing to do when bored?
Check Instagram

What’s Thali’s most annoying habit?
Leaving a sugar crust at the bottom of the glass

What’s Thali’s most used emoji?

What is Thali’s favourite animal?

What is Thali’s favourite drink?

Two Lost Kids

How two get a Valentine...
watch here

Starring Thali & Gabi
@twolostkids 💘