Ben Awin Street style / Interview

Ben Awin Street style / Interview


All photography by Ben Awin.
Self-styling from Ollie Webb.

With the recent news that Tokyo’s cult-street-style magazine Fruits will soon be closing its doors for good we caught up with photographer Ben Awin to find out where this leaves street-style photography in London and if this is the start of the end for people trying too hard…

Hiya Ben. How’d you get into streetstyle photography?

My interest in streetwear carried over in to developing a passion within photography, it started off last Spring getting shots at store release launches. When I met people with like-minded interests, it helped developed my passion for photography further.

What’s the formula for a good street-style shot? The model, clothes or location?

All three partake within creating a good street style shot, I usually asses the model and what they are wearing before I decide the location of the shot as I like to portray their characteristics. In my opinion the location is the most important factor. I follow street photography as I like going out in an uncontrollable environment, having to think on my feet.

Best shot you’ve got so far?

My favourite shot overall would be of Leo in the TNF Leaves Nupste.

Leo had the jacket 10 minutes after release (probably the most hectic drop I’ve attended!) and due to the time of year all the leaves had fallen creating the perfect atmosphere. I composed the shot of Leo amongst the leaves blending him naturally within the location. The tones for me give this photo a great atmosphere and feeling.

Where are your go to places to catch London'€™s best looks?

I think Soho is the heart of creativity, art and culture In London. It's gritty dark surroundings portray London'€™s street culture perfectly.

You're recently back from shooting in Paris, do you see much difference in styles between the two cities?

Paris completely changed my perspective on fashion, there were people throwing together outfits in Paris worth thousands and thousands of pounds! I think London is less about the money, it'€™s about creativity and individuality over 'hype'. In Paris, high fashion took over streetwear with a lot of people wearing higher end brands such as Vetements, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.


Shoichi Aoki gave a surprising reason as to the recent decision behind closing his famed Tokyo street-style magazine Fruits; '€œthere are simply no more cool kids left to shoot'.
Do you think there’s a danger of this happening here? Is a lack of individuality developing?

Streetwear within London is in the full swing of evolving. Younger people are coming out with creative ideas which are in turn becoming successful. However, individuality is suffering: people are quick to follow current trends and wear something they don't even like. 

The streetwear community within London is already well established but its growing further through a host of social events and launches, the recent Fabric club night which The Basement and Patta hosted, things are far from stagnant!

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