AW'13 Staff Picks: Dee

AW'13 Staff Picks: Dee

Finishing off an autumn of Lazy Oaf staff picks is our Assistant Store Manager Dee Monti. Dee picks the Feline Fine Dress from our Winter '13 range. Her favourite emoji is the rather pointless black moon.


What are you wearing from the Lazy Oaf AW'13 collection?

I am wearing the Feline Fine Dress. I'm a weird cat lady and I like a bit of velvet so It makes me feel fiiiiiiiiiine.

Other than being our Store Assistant Manager, what role do you play within the Lazy Oaf Store?

Apart from being Assistant Manager, I am chief prop maker and champion snack provider. And I always make sure customers have a power ballad to sway to/hip hop party banger to bump to.

What one question do you get asked the most when working in the Lazy Oaf shop?

Have you got any other stores..?? The answer is no.

What is your most overused emoji?

Black moon. It makes no sense to ever use it. So I use it all the time.

If anyone could walk into the shop right now who would you want it to be?

 Rolf Harris. I'd like to tell him off.